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From what I remember...

My 2nd trip

    I said in the caption that this is my second trip but is my first REAL trip since I was too high to remember my first one and I think I ate very little...
    This all takes place on a Saturday night with my good friend at my side the whole time. I had been wanting shrooms for the past 4 months and here they are very difficult to get, so you can imagine the anticipation and excitement I had. And so the story begins...

    After attempting to get them the night before I had pretty much given up at this point. Around 4 P.M. I get a call from my good friend who says he can finally for sure get them but only 2 grams(each), instead of the 3.5 we wanted to take. I was a bit skeptical but excited at the same time. I picked him up at around 6:15 P.M. We call the kid and he tells us to meet him at his friends house and he'll be over shortly. We get there and wait about 20 minutes and he finally arrives, boy was I excited.

    He sells us the 4 grams and I wasn't sure if we should take them there because we wanted to go out that night, but eventually we just ended up eating them. Wow, I didn't realize how nasty the heads were, although the stems weren't too bad. We drank them down with orange juice hoping to enhance the trip. And now we wait, and wait, and wait. The anticipation nearly killed me! After about ten minutes I start feeling weird, not buzzed or anything but a different feeling I've never experienced before. I neither liked it or disliked it. I had eaten a lot that day so the shrooms took a little longer to hit me, but my friend started laughing hysterically after about 30 minutes. I was jealous.

    So my friend starts to feel it and is laughing his ass off at everything. I'm kind of in a corner alone waiting while he's off watching T.V. with another friend. I start to stare at a case of waterbottles, the kind you buy from the store, and on the plastic covering there a little fake water drops. I start to look at them and all of a sudden they start breathing. Now I've heard of this before but you really don't know until you see it, it was crazy!

    At this point I'm not really feeling the body high, although I ate more stems then tops, but I was seeing some breathing. I decide to go over to the couch and watch some T.V. with my friend. He is watching a movie with midgets, and I'm not really feeling much but it was pretty hilarious. It breaks from the movie and goes to commericial. One of the comercials is a preview for the cartoon show South Park, and boy was it colorful. I remember LOVING the purple background and the greens and the reds, I never wanted it to leave the T.V. screen.

    After about 10 minutes of watching TV(40 minutes since I took them) we started to get bored and wanted to take a walk. We go outside and it's really cold, but I only have one sweatshirt so I decide to give it up and just deal. The cold is preventing me from really hitting the trip but it's ok I knew it'd hit me soon enough. After walking what seemed to me like 500 yards and only 10 feet to my friend we decide to just forget the walk. We turned around and to our surprise we had only walked about 100 feet. We decide I'll see if I can drive and we'll go to our friends house who's having some people over. So I get in the car and for some reason I have the urge to put on techno, it was a good decision. I test out my senses and if I can drive or not and I decide I can since I'm not feeling much still only the brightness of lights. As we are driving we pass some new cars that my friend thinks were cars from the future. I kind of saw where he was coming from but he was way more messed up than I was.

    We get to our friends house which was only about a 5 mile drive and we go inside. His house is very trip filled with fishing decorations and halloween decorations which really emphasized the colors. We couldn't decide what to do at first but finally decide to go to a party. I was down for whatever. After about an hour into the trip I was really feeling it. I loved it, I remember saying how amazing it was constantly. So we are about ready to party, when the driver gets a call needed to pickup and drop off her sister. So we decide we'll go with her and 2 other friends to go for the trip. We are about ready to go when another friend pulls up and the driver tells us just to go with her since she doesn't have enough room. So we're like whatever get out of one car and go to the next.

    It is now about 830 PM and we are tripping pretty hard, I'm not quite at my peak just yet. So the driver of the car we just got into was kind of confused and didn't know where to go or what to do. So she just starts driving around and calling people. I'm in her backseat and I take her phone from her. On the phone if you scroll all the way down there is a game and on the menu of the game there is an evil looking cat! It was the trippiest thing ever and it bothered me throughout the whole night. We need gas so we go to the gas station. As I'm sitting in the car with just my good friend I remember having a semi-deep conversation with him, not sure about what. When we start to drive away I look around and say something like Wait, where are we I thought we were under water! I was pretty much at my peak at this point in time. It was truly ectascy, I loved it.

    We are driving around not finding anything to do and we eventually make our way after about an hour and a half to the 2nd house we were at. Our friends who went to pick up the sister were back and we all went inside. I don't remember much from this point on but being by myself a lot while everyone was drinking and just thinking deeply to myself. I was on Mushrooms!!
    After having my own time alone, around 1245 AM, I decide I want to get into the party and have fun with everyone else I start to drink and my first shot of Bacardi Silver was tasteless putting into perspective how messed up I was. I had around 7-10 shots in the end and have never been that messed up. I don't remember too much after this point but the usual drunken recklessness, but something I remember vividly is watching some drunk kids play with some glow sticks. Also I forgot to mention techno was pretty much playing the WHOLE night. I remember passing out around 4 AM.

    The next morning I had the worste hang-over ever! Even though I didn't have the kind of trip I wanted and I didn't see too much I still had one of the best times of my life. Today is the Thursday after and I plan on doing a whole 3.5 grams, if I can get them, tomorrow. This time I hope to have a real trip and more of a spiritual and visual than a fun, partying trip.

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