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lines of reality

My name is Aaron let me begin at the first time i did shroomes.

My name is Aaron let me begin at the first time i did shroomes.i had done my reserch on shrooms and decided that they were the safest instead of taking lsd or ecstacy.My friend ryan and i snuck out at 12 and rode to the pasture which is a couple miles from my house .we got a few little shroomes,we were more than a little disapointed.i ate one and thought i saw the moon change shape and thats it.what a laugh at what ive experienced just the other night.after the first time we went back 5 or 6 times.we didnt even know exacley what they looked like and we ended up eaten a lot of fake ones.on one occastion with ryan he happended to eat all the right ones and i all the wrong ones.i ended up just tearing constantly at the eyes.that was it i had given up on that field.i tried growing them with some half assed mycelium my so called friend sold me for 15 bucks.and also nowbody sold any in my neiborhood.dam will i ever get a break.then shane a friend i dont handg out often came over.we were both bored so we decided to go shroomen i had doughts that we wouldnt find any,but shane was experienced and fownd 40! in that field a week earlier.we seached around and found some weak ones and a few medium ones.it was funny because they turned the open part of the field into a golf course and shane took a piss neeling down.i was on top of my game in searching i fownd 3 big ass ones.after an hour or so we went to my house and made some peanut butter and jam shroomwiches.they got really nasty at the end so we put them on a bench.as we rode to this kid joshes house and we started to feel them .i could feel the shroomes starting to circulate in my blood.we were starten to feel good.we got to this kids house and sat in this crappy little room.these two stoned guys were were trying to explain this stoy but 2 stoners and 2 triped out guys dont mix.it was really funny.i started to feel real mellow and blended in with the chair i was sitin on.this was the most i have felt on shroomes in the past.we all left and everything started feeling like distance like my body parts were were grasping my bike but my my mind wasnt making the connecting.we rode down the steet laughing alot about things that werent funny if we werent trippin.we went in the woods and lit up a joint. i had given up smokin pot 6 months befor but i read that weed kicks it up a lot and i wanted to trip hard.we left them and rode out on our own .by know the trip intensity had doubled and everything felt like floating on a safe little cloud as we rode fast.it felt really cool when i opened and closed my hand and the sweat on them felt like cool gatorade.as we rode threw the neiborhood i would have temp loses of short term memory i would look down then up and wonder were we were and if we new were wer were going.our whole bodies were getting.woozie.as we came to joshes house i saw them down the rode still walkin home and it looked like a big tunnel.everything was feelin good.we crashed on there couch in front the the tv.me and shane became really aware that there were vibrating and echoing sound everywere.i lade back and felt so calm and at ease.a girl named ashley was watchin tv next to us and her boyfriend was standing againt the wall.he saw me and said whats with him ashley said ow hes trippin hard .a few times shane said to get up and when i sat up my conciousness was slow to catch up with my body.i laid back down and noticed a little yellow stiped kitten next to me i love cats and i staded to stoke and scratch hi little head .he was really clse to my face then the cats face looked like a tiger poster.and that myfingeres were pushing in on a silky painting.i love that little cat.it was starting to get late and we got up to go now everything was cloudy and slow .me and shane tried to ride our bikes but we coud only walk.it felt like forever walkin and i felt kinda paranoid like i might just want to sleep in a ditch until morning but i new i had to find a place to stay.but my senses were so scrooded upi could have just dropped my glasses my bike and went anywere.we came to the bench at the rec we put the shroomes on.we were swaying back and forth slightly and were realy dizzy i laid my head in my handed and i coulnt feel anything they just blended together.i coulnt think strait.i coulnt face my dad in this condition.also shane coulnt make out the time on his whatch.he said if he just got to his room he would be all right.he seemed in just as bad a shape as i was.i was paranoid to lai down because across the rec there was people playing basketball.maybe they would come over and ask what was wrong i could even talk staight.it was gettin darker and i thought if i slept in the school all night my femily would search the town looking for me with the cops and find me in that fucked up state.iwanded throw the scool looking around for a place to go i went to the preschool playgroundi saw a bench and laid down.i felt like that guy on office space that never spoke up everything was a blur of rainbow colors colida scopesand i saw tripey shapes in my mind. really wanted it to go away all i needed was to sleep it off.i remembed the drinking fountain and bran to it drinking nonstop i could feel my bstomach exspandind maybey if i could pee or puke it would stop.the night lites were bugging me the nonstop lites of society.people started to disgust me.what if i was like this forevor i would go threw life one of those mental hospitals never living a fulfilling life.i coulned escaped the lights and the people there are to many people in the would.i felt like craling into the very bick of the builing a hid away.it almost seemed like i could do it .the lines of reality were getting thick and fuzzy.i laid back on the bench somehow ibent my glass i thought they were broke.i roade acroos the street and remembered my frind was on vacation and he had a litle apartment in the back but it was locked i left my bike and started running down the raod i ran like hell and i coulnt fell anything i probably could have ran to death if i wanted to i stumbledinto my house went to my room and locked the door it fqlt like i picked up my guitar and cruched it i coulnt tell. my blankets felt like they were fadeing away.i felt so relieved unti lmy dad started yelling outside my dor.he new i was high or somthing.my personality became dead and i kept geting a strong feeling of space withion space the symetrical universe the matrix of society .the infinite space.i was trying desperatley to cling to some reality.the only thing close to the base of reality was religion the only thing that it truly un questionable.well my dad made beme get up the tv was loude and most of the lights were on he was pissed and i didnt know what the hell he was sayin.i just wanted everything to slow down i felt that the pain of it was going to last forevor but iremembed to look onthe brite side if it did last foevor i thought that in this open state of being i could eventualy work out all the problems of the world but it would take thousands of years or more to do it. the great confustion of everything the great mix of so many movies so many feeling all intertwined in everythoughtso many stationes every feeling with every sound i realized that there is is infinite possibilities for humans and the reasong god loves us is because threw us the universe is felt and seen and lived.anyway my dad told me it wasnt left and i thought if i had just been patiennt enought to wate out in the woods or somthing for an hour it would have passed but dam i spilled the beans know he knows i guess its best that way. some words of advise do the shroomes when your parents are going to be at work for 6 hours.make sure your close to a reliable friends house yours and never start thinkin that the trip will last forever it will come down sharply.

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