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first trip

Ok, so my very first mushroom trip was on Halloween night 2 years ago. I was 16 at the time and I was at a friend's house. we got 30 grams for the 5 of us and we split it up evenly. Of course I know now how bad an idea that can be! me and a friend decided to crush them up and mix them into apple cider. it sort of worked. but we couldn't get them finely crushed enough and it ended up being chunky apple cider, which made us both gag worse than just eating them. We got it all down, and half an hour later the room burst into the designs of a nicely blown glass pipe. It was an instant thing, not gradual, my high literally burst into form, it shook me like an earthquake. We decided to go for a walk because her house is very small and we all felt cramped. There was a great big field behind her house with a playground and a hill, so we ran around and I wound up with 3 grams of weed in my hand along with a pipe and a lighter. don't ask me how they got there, I don't know. I sat down on the swing and smoked 3 quarters of it away. they all found me and laughed at me because I smoked their weed. they didn't mind, which I didn't mind. I was told that weed kills mushroom trips, But I very much beg to differ. it refined my high and made everything easier to handle while also making it all more intense. the sky was a dark purple and the snow on the ground was a flourescent pink. the stars were swirling into a peaceful tornado somewhere up ahead and I was mesmerized. we continued walking until I got tired and suggested we sit on the curb so I could rest. I thought I was the king of a magical world where stars swirled and snow was pink. I began to think that we were in a mechanical world where magic and technology combined. I literally thought I was part of the game called Arcanum, only I didn't think it, I knew it. I actually made myself of a memory of getting mushrooms from an old disheveled woman and eating them with my friends, and now I was tripping in that world. Vehicles morphed into old world trucks and cars, and the trick or treaters looked to me like gypsies and clowners from a circus. We made the decision to go back to her house and just hang out in her room and see what we could do with this brand new experience. I figured I could tamper with my high and do crazy things with books and sticks. When we got back her house was dark and I thought we were in a tiny castle. in the basement and in her bedroom I sat on the bed with one of my friends and got to work on a book. I stared at it but nothing happened. Getting bored I put it down and looked at my 3 other friends who were sitting on the couch. they had melted into a black blob with 3 heads that were staring at me and laughing. but then they would stop laughing and be entirely still just staring at me, and then start laughing again. It was quite scary and I had to look away. At this point I came to the realization that I wasn't in Arcanum and that I was actually in my small town in my friend's basement. This made me laugh histerically and it made the others in the room laugh as well. At this point her mother came into the room and started yelling at us all. I got up off the bed and dashed under her arm and upstairs and out the front door. 2 of my friends were following me home for some reason and I felt again like a leader. the sidewalk infront of me turned into one of those moving sidewalks at the airports, so I stepped onto it and stumbled a little at first, but got my balance and it began to carry me home. The trees bent in trying to capture me but I avoided them all. Reaching my house my mother was pulling out of the driveway in her van, and I dashed into the house and into my bedroom. My mother came back into the house asking what was wrong, and I said very simply... "I am high on mushrooms, I am tired, and I am going to bed. goodnight" She was astonished but just went upstairs and left me in peace. Closing my door and sitting on my bed I flicked on the tv and Alice in Wonderland, the movie version with real actors, automatically popped onto the screen. I became captivated by it and it pulled me in and I was now a companion to Alice on her adventure. In short I accompanied her through the entire story of Alice in Wonderland until the Cheshire Cat, in a frenzy of anger, ate me whole. At which point my high was gone and I was sitting on my bed again. I was so exhausted I collapsed and fell immediately asleep.

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