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Reaching out to our Ancestors

Once in Ajo, Arizona.

Last spring I went to Ajo, Arizona with my herb class,  I brought 3 grams of Panaeolus cyanescens with me.  My friend L met up with our class, and we planned to have a ceremony later in the evening.  After everyone was settling into there tents, I began to prepare some hot water.  We climbed into the tent and talked about our hopes and feelings about the trip to come.  I have always had good experiences with mushrooms.  They are intelligent beings that populate our universe to and extent we can not even fathom, they are a resource and a means to explore this and other realms of existence.....so, we took turns drinking the infusion of Pan. cyan., peppermint and rosemary.  After finishing the mug between the two of us, which comes to 1.5 grams powdered in tea, we relaxed and looked up at the top of the tent talking and giggling to ourselves, trying to to make too much noise due to the others going to sleep nearby.  I felt the begining feelings of blood pressure and breathing increasing and followed my breath to the next step.  I began to feel very electric and somewhat paranoid of the nighttime desert creatures climbing inside the tent and harrassing me, but I soon abandoned that fear along with all others, and focused on the psilocybin flowing through my veins.  I could feel it taking toxins out of my body and ectoplasming them out of my skin.  I began to see snakes around me like usual (I see snakes very often on mushrooms), they are never threatening, in fact, as a healer, these snakes give me the healing power that I use,  they heal me, so that I can heal others.  I decided to go pee, so I got out of the tent and whiped out my snake....... the cosmic penis is pretty phenomenal... As I urinated, The ground was being pulled up like little peices of dancing  flesh, and as soon as I noticed this, the whole dessert was underwater.  All of the saguaro, chollas and organ pipe cacti had re-evolved into the ocean creatures they once were when the oceans were covering Ajo, Arizona,  all of them were swaying back and forth in the waves, I turn in awe, I feel the universal connection to time as one thing not just now, but all of time now...... I see the campfire flickering in the distance and decide to slowly make my way over to it.  By this time I am comming up strong and my entire field of vision was permeated by and ocean of snakes that I actually had to pull myself through in order to get the the fire.  Once I had navigated my way to the fire I sat down and felt very serpent like,  the snakes slithered around my arms and legs and through the sky, everywhere, (not my first time with snakes on shrooms), the fire even hissed snake language and showed me its true nature.  I could hear everyone dreaming and could feel the dreamtime connection between the 8 people sleeping at the moment.  I felt L back in the tent, and felt that she needed my support, so, back through pulling my way through the ocean of snakes and into the tent.  She was having a really hard time letting the psilocybin in and I was doing the opposite, allowing it to permeate me to the fullest, so without fear, I held her hand, and as it vibrated ectoplasm on her hand, she entered a more peaceful realm.  My breath began to take on such a rythmic pace, that I began to hear a song, which I quicly translated onto my recorder/flute, and produced an amazing song that I still believe to this day came from our ancestors.  As I sang, hummed, breathed and played this song a portal opened up in front of me.....in the middle surounded by dense spirals were two people, a man and a woman of a Native American descent  singing with me this song of thanks and gratitude to all life and relations.  Above their heads mushrooms of innumerable types began fruiting and the mycellium spread throughout the universe.  I continued with the song for maybe 45 minutes, and then everything began to mellow out relatively quickly.  A very nice come down, and one huge mushrooom fart, then I got naked and fell asleep gradually over the next 3 hours, rain tattering at the tent throughout the almost sleeples night.  The next day, I felt great, and L was kindof scared of mushrooms again, while I went away with one of the most spiritually opening experiences of my life. Soon I will wright about my other snake trip.


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