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It was my first time doing shrooms and me and my two mates john and daniel had nothing to do, we couldnt get hold of any weed so i suggested we do shrooms.

It was my first time doing shrooms and me and my two mates john and daniel had nothing to do, we couldnt get hold of any weed so i suggested we do shrooms. They went to get them from a shop that sells various things like bongs, pipes, lighters and other stuff that was barely legal in the understanding that they could stay round my house if i didnt have to walk into town.When they got back we cooked 2 chicken pizzas so we could eat them ontop of the pizza to hide the taste which they said was "disgusting". We bought 2ounces and when it came the time to taking them i was slightly hesitant, out of us 3 i was ussually the person who had the worst or scariest trip.

We ate them on pizzas and i tried to swallow them as whole as possible because the taste on the "phillipines" which were supposed to be better than mexican gold caps was just as the 2 others had promised "disgusting". We sat on my sofa with the TV off i decided to go get 2 mirrors to play with while we were waiting to come up, for the next 30mins or so we all became slightly giggly, and were laughing at things that werent really that funny playing around with the mirrors i had bought in.

John and daniel were claiming to start feeling effects after 40minutes from taking them, i said that if i wasnt up like they were in 10minutes i'd take the other 1/2ounce (John and me did 1/2 each, this was johns second time but my first, daniel had taken them before and also done an ounce before so he did an ounce that time too, john had bought a halfounce with his own money though totalling two and half ounces.)

Soon after my blue curtains seemed vividly bluer and to be giving off some kind of glow, or energy, as were my yellow walls. We decided that we should put on a film, so we sat down with the lights out and put on 'shaun of the dead' it was pretty funny and we all felt abit more emotionally connected to the film than one ussually would. We hated the person with glasses on there and often started to shout abuse at him when he annoyed us, Daniel was being quite quiet though, we dont know to this day whether he was having a bad trip or not. It seemed alot funnier than usual and certain things like "snake hips" seemed really surreal and still when i watch that hilm today certain points seem surreal to me. I remember one scene in particular though quite deep in the film where shaun is having a moment with his dying stepdad in a car fleeing from zombies he explains how he has 'always loved shaun and tried to be someone he could look upto' it sounds stupid know but i felt so connected with the people in the scene i felt like crying.

Daniel couldnt sleep round for some reason (we were 15 at the time) and his phone rang during the film, which was very loud and scary which was something me and john agreed to be 'really fucking annoying', when he had gone i turned the light on and was walking around my room for a while at this point it hit me that i was well and truly up.

i looked in the mirror and what was slight stubble started to grow it started to stab through my upper lip as my eyebrows grew also, the hair on my arm began to grow quite alot...which we enjoyed looking at for a fair while my face resembled an animal, i remember thinkign i looked quite like a beaver or something with all that whisker hair and furry eyebows. Looking in the mirror was fun but for a split second my heart started to race and i thought i might begin to have a bad trip, so i stopped looking in the mirror from then on because what i saw was a huge pupiled(my pupils are ussualy large anyway) bald headed furry beaver which was beginning to scare me abit afterwards i was fine and we were looking at the ceiling for a while which was pulsating and waving about like a liquid.

me and john payed for the shrooms, and we agreed that we would do this more often and have "all the money and not invite anyone else" which we repeated a fair few times not noticing what we were saying. we also had an appetite for apples, there was soem tension between me and john because he had stolen one of my apples to eat but eventually i forgot about it.

After honing the perfect position for looking at the ceiling with our backs to the cushion where you sit and legs hanging over where your back should lean against, abandoning watching another DVD (band of brothers) and getting rid of a freind which tried to visit me who looked extremely scary and had to be sent home we lay there and eventually decided to go downstairs and play on the computer, we watched some crazy illusions or funny pictures on various sites like ebaumsworld.com and went back upstairs and started to come down it must have been about 4/5 hours since we had taken them.

i had scavenged some walkers sensations and we began to eat them, we both had a huge headache and really needed sleep, but couldnt even close our eyes this was a pretty bad comedown but it was gone after a good nights sleep and i felt fine the next day.

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