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Z Lenny is trapped in my alternate dimension

I remember it was about a month ago that my friend chris told me he could hook us up with some shrooms.

I remember it was about a month ago that my friend chris told me he could hook us up with some shrooms. I was like "kickass dude lets do it". So he made some calls and we got hooked up. Later that night, around 10 PM, me, shane, and chris ate them. It was my first time so i was a little disappointed when they didnt work after about a half hour. So instead of waiting for the high to come on, we smoked a couple bowls to give it a jump-start. After about an hour from eating them, we started tripping. It was pretty cool i looked at the carpet and it was all wavy. And then i looked at a shroom that we drew on the wall and it was AMAZING, the colors were so vivid and it looked as if it was kind of trying to come out of the wall. But for me the coolest part wasnt the physical trip, it was the mind trip. I pictured that my vision was split into 2 sides by a brick wall. On the left was reality, where everything in real life was actually happening. But on the right was my "alternate reality", and on that side there was this shadow of a man pacing back and forth. He'd walk up to the wall and hit it, then sometimes he would search it as if he was looking for a handle to an exit. But he never found a way out, and i felt pretty sorry for him. I started thinking "why cant he get out?" or "does he really deserve this, perhaps he's evil". Eventually my friends started talking to me and i forgot all about him. We started to talk about sociollogy, and history and how theyre inter-related. We came to the conclusion that people create groups unconsiously, and these groups create patterns. For instance, in every group, theyres the controller, the victim, the person who doesnt give a shit, the person who tries to stop the instigator from fighting the victim, and the person who who makes fun/analyzes the situation. But the catch is the victim cant help it, the victim will say the things they think or will do the things they like, and the controller will flip out on them. So the victim will calm down for a while but later they'll freak out and go to an extreem so that they dont feel like theyre being suffocated. Then the controller will freak out again and thus, the pattern continues. Then we started talking about how that related to history and ect. It was the deepest conversation of my life, and somehow i totally kept up. But anyhow after that we decided to take a walk , so we went to the park to look at the stars. While we were there it's as if i could see the exact spot on earth that we were at, and how we were just a part of the earth's atmosphere and that the earth is just and ancased ball of mass that contained things needed for life to survive. It made me think, if there is no creator, how does that happen? But yeah... after all that we decided to call it a night. It was about 3 in the morning but it felt like a day had passed in that short 5 hour time period.

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