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I Started Eating My thumbs

The first time I ever tripped which was about 3 to 4 years ago was when I was away at college.

The first time I ever tripped which was about 3 to 4 years ago was when I was away at college. Well 3 nights prior to consuming the shrooms, which were cubes, I had wound up in the hospital with a 4.78 alcohol content declared dead and slept through the whole thing without them even pumping my stomach because I hadnt ate anything that whole day. Well anyways, the doctors kept me there for 3 days because I was still leagally drunk. When I was finally back in my dorm all my friends greeted me and although the doctors informed me not to drink, however being the alcoholic I was I drank about half a leeter of vodka which was normal for me at the time and still had an empty stomach from 3 nights before. As me and my roomate which was also my best friend from highschool were drunk and just talking about shit, a friend comes in to see how I was doing, He then tells me about these crazy shrooms he had. Me and my friend steve look at eachother and then I say with a sick grinn on my face "well I havnt eaten in 3 days" so we decide to eate them. We each bought an 8th and are freind threw in some extra, just because he liked us. So as were eating me roomate Steve says he cant finish his because he has a week stomach. So I greatfully ate the rest of his. With in a half hour every thing started to change, I was overwelmed by a state of euporia. My senses became hightend. I could here and understand every little conversations that people on my floor were having. I could see the pores on your skin. It was a different world and I was happy, truley happy for the first time in weeks. As the trip intensified, I began exploring my floor. Meeting new people visiting neighbors and just taking everything in. Later on I started hearing voices echo as they got loauder, I started loosing sense of reality. I started seeing colones of the same people walking past me as I sit in the lobby. At one point I thought I was in a movie of a love story, and kept sprinting down the hall which seemed to be never enbding. I then started screaming for this girl Elana on my floor. I duno if it was beacuse every time I saw her I'd see triples of her and It was cool or what. However I was scaring the hell out of her. As I started peaking, my friends sat me down in the lobby and tried to calm me down. I new my pupils were huge and just then my RA walke right up to me and asked whats up and how I was and started laughing. I though he knew I was tripping and started thinking my life was a dream. Was I dead? Am I real? Am I still In the hospital? I started freaking out, telling myself Im stuck in a nightmare. While I was freaking out a girl started to flash a small light in my eyes, I then started asking myself out louad "Am I back in the hospital?" Everyone around me was telling me to calm down and my best friend started screaming at the girl, I told my self this was a dream and started bitting my thumbs to wake up, I wouldnt wake up, I couldnt wake up. No matter how hard I tried to inflict pain on my thumbs It wouldnt weake me up, I couldnt even feel the pain. A half hour later I started coming down from the intense trip. I found myself laughing in a room with my friend Steve as we listend to music and watched a verry talented girl smoking, blow perfect O's through eachother. After that we went to bed. The next morning I woke up with blood all over my shirt and two huge scabs or holes in my thumbs whice lasted for a month. Although the tripp sounds scarry I had so much fun. I now love shrooms, and  when ever I trip I ushualy have my thumbs in my mouth but never bite them hard. Shrooms are the most amazing expierience you will ever have.

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