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Ya got me..

Well to get started this was my first trip, and it was one of the greatest expiriences of my life.

Well to get started this was my first trip, and it was one of the greatest expiriences of my life. It all started on a saturday night, i was over at a friends house(we'll call him M), with his gf (we'll call her L), and a another friend of mine (we'll call him D). Well D had brought 2grams of dried shrooms (unknown type), now i had never done shrooms b4, never seen someone on them etc, i'd only done alcohol/weed up to this point but i had heard nothing but good stuff about them. Well my friend offered to share his 2 grams but since all 3 wanted to go on them there clearly wasn't enough so he called around and fround us 3grams. b4 we left to go pick up ours, he ingested his, i watched him pretty closely as to see what i was to expect. We all got in the car, and my friend had already started to feel the effects, all i'd have to do was look at him and he'd crack up laughing. By the time we arrived to pick up ours he was laughing on all his own now (45 mins in), he wasn't all that social just looking everywhere and at everything, we kept asking him what it was like, his response "It can't be explained in words, and i don't think i can explain anything right now". We took off home in anxiousness arriving about 15mins later, i engested mine as soon as i walked in the door, my friends M and L took their time and seemed to have second thoughts, but finally after 30mins they took their dose. We all went downstairs to chill.. my friend D kept telling how big of buzz he was feeling, not really any visuals but just a really intense body buzz. I didn't know what to expect at all, but b4 i knew it, it already started to take effect. The room seemed to double in size, i felt like i was part of the chair i was sitting on. Anything in my mind i could think of, i thought i could do. My friends Me & L) weren't feelign anything, but we're totally interested in waht i was expiriencing. I knew what D meant by he couldn't explain anything. I decided to do some tests to see how messed i was, i picked up a piece of paper on the table and tried to read the writing, i couldn't, i recongnized everything on it, but it made no sense. I tried to say the alphabet to myself, no luck there.. i got the g and was totally lost. My mind couldnt' stay on anything. I started to notice my environment a lot. The lights especially, they drove me insane. I got my friends to shut them off, and i felt a lot better. M and L began to trip, M couldn't stop talking, L just seemed to be so energized. We decided to go out (not knowing anythign about the shroomery or recomendations for a first time trip, we made the decision to go), our intial destination was our usual place that we go when we're smashed, a park downtown. We got about 5 blocks there, and we changed our minds, over and over, we had no idea where to go, L was pretty sure she wanted to goto the park, but i wanted to see the downtown. Since everybody agreed with me, L took it VERY personally, she seemed to start acting mean to me, it got worse as the night went on. D was now peaking, he was pretty messed, really quiet but loving every second of it from the HUGE smile on his face. Me and M were checking out an old church near downtown. At the same time we both linked it to the church in a game called diablo, it looked so perfect in everyway, like it was designed on a computer. After that i really started to look at peoples faces, they amazed me, they seemed too perfect, i couldn't keep my eyes off them. As we got closer to downtown, there was a mini park (one block with some trees and a grandstand), we all decided to rest there for a bit. I was sitting on the bench with D, and we were talking, he was coming down off his trip and wanted to play with my mind a bit, show how boggling things can be. So he asked me "How did the trees get here?", at first i laughed, i thought of the logical solution, they grew, but then i looked deeper, and kept thinking about it, about life,death and how it all started. I just sorta smiled, and in a way it was just cool, i felt a new sense of respect for trees as well as life. While i was talking to D, M & L we're running around the park, doing all sorts of crazy shit, rolling in grass etc. I got a good kick out of them =) We decided to head home, and took a route through the busier part of downtown, by this time i was peaking, there wasn't many visuals, but i had a body buzz that i haven't never felt since anything in comparison. My body literally felt like it throbbed, i felt like pure energy, it was so amazing. I started to notice that i wasn't seeing everything linear (i call it skipping frames, a term i ripped from quake when you don't see every fram thats supposed to appear on teh screen making it choppy), everything sorta bounced around. Well we we're almost out of downtown when L saw a friend from work who went on to say hello to her from across the street. Well L, didn't reply to her at all, and about a block later total paranoia about it, set in. She thought that the girl knew we were on shrooms and they would fire her at work, she thought she had to go back and say hello, and was worried about it the whole way home. We all tried to calm her down, but she was peaking and it was the only thing on her mind, it made her first expirience kind of awkard, and reminds me why ppl recommmend not going out the first time =) especially since we had a two floor house to ourselves which we're all comfrotable in. We all seemed to start coming down a lot on the way home, no one really talked, just all quietness. D thought he knew someone who lived in this house and could get us some pot to make coming down easier, but it was the wrong house and he sorta just walked in =). The person said "I DON'T KNOW YOU GET OUT," and he left, since it was 2am and he had just walked in on some guy he didn't know sleeping. We finished walking the rest of the way home in complete silence. When we finally did get back, and reality started to set back in, the worst of what i had forgetten through my trip began. My gf had just dumped me two weeks b4 and i bitched her out severly (i said she was complete bitch and took back that i loved her, though she wrote the same to me to make me get over her, it didn't have the exact effect she wanted) i felt so terrible, i wrote her a incrediably long letter, but i really wanted to go over nad see her, but she was out for the night. (it was a 8 month relationship, that now (3 months later) should of never really happened (the break up)). I felt pretty bad the rest of the night, everything was great up until the point when i realized what i had used shrooms for and how much i was lying to myself about my mood. It really gave me a big reality check and improved my life. I became friends with my ex-gf after the letter i sent her. It made me feel a lot better. I don't know if i would of done made it up with her if i hadn't done shrooms!.... anyways that's it..

pretty detailed eh? yeah i have a VERY good memory.. even with drugs.. =)


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