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Is it safe to combine mushrooms with other drugs?

Before considering a combination it is a must for you to know your limits with each of the substances on their own before mixing.

by: Todcasil & blinkidiot

Before considering a combination it is a must for you to know your limits with each of the substances on their own before mixing.

Drugs I have combined with effects (with mushrooms):

(Editor's note: This is not medical information; it is annecdotal and samples of personal experiences. Always use caution when mixing substances and consult your doctor if you are on prescribed medications for informations on interactions)

MAOIs (MonoAmine Oxidase Inhibitor): Be extremely careful with this one and do your research. MAOIs can be very dangerous if you have eaten certain foods or have taken certain drugs that are metabolized by the action of the MAO.
As a rule, half the dose of mushrooms is needed when MAO is fully inhibited and the trip may last a bit longer (8 hours instead of 6 until baseline)

Ketamine: I find that it sobers me up a bit, less shroomed out. I tend to feel "drunk" visuals tend to subside.

Marijuana: Cannabis is a strange breed. It has skyrocketed my trip to extremes yet it has also mellowed me out. I find it sometimes depends on the strain of plant. Sativa intensifies, Indica will mellow you out. Also, I find that smoking on the comeup will cloud my head and ruin the clearheadedness that I adore with mushrooms. When smoked at the peak, the THC synergizes with the psilocybin/cin and jumps things up a notch and then recedes to a more mellow trip. Lastly, when smoked on the comedown, the pot brings back the trip to some effect; nowhere near the peak effects but definately a marked increase in activity.

MDMA (Ecstacy): If you like MDMA you will like this combo. just think of the happiest mushroom trip you could ever have! wipes away all negative vibes you may give yourself.

Nitrous Oxide: This is an absolute gem. It will blast you into a full blown level 5 for a short duration (5-60 seconds) and then allow you to drift back down to the level you left. The authors of this section of the FAQ Highly Recommend this combination! Be sure to avoid gas masks and know your limits on the substance before mixing

Opiates: Painkillers don't affect the trip any or the intensity of it, but they will slow you down physically. probably a good idea to stay at home if you do this combo :)

Amphetamines: A gram of speed 6hrs before a 30g cubensis trip, puts a diffrent angle on a trip. It seems to make the trip more vivid and seems to make the trip last longer... However this might just be that the concept of time is accelerated from the amphetamines, so it SEEMS to last longer. No side effects as far as myself and my trip partner were concerned. Not very scientific, but a great experiment.mc

Salvia Divinorum: Can be chewed or smoked during trip, most notably at peak, and can be incredibly intense. May have been known by Castaneda and Don Juan, as The Little Smoke.

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