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x-men first timer

well my friend had just acquired about and 8th and a half of some cubes.

well my friend had just acquired about and 8th and a half of some cubes. i ate a real big stem and 2 caps. it was my first time eating magic mushrooms and i was excited. we had rented to movie X-Men for our trip. i also had 6 ultram so i already felt kinda drunk, i dunno if it helped or hurt my trip, but i ate the shrooms at 3:45 and started to feel a little weird at 4:20. so we went ahead and put the movie in. my friend had 4 caps and he was already tripping pretty hard so i took one more cap, later i thought it might have been bad but im glad i did, about 10 min into the movie we couldnt stop laughing at everything. this lasted for a few mins that seemed like an hour. then we started to calm down and it started to really hit me. i remember that i would see tracers off of when wolverine would attack something. i felt like i was in the Matrix cuz i was having geometric like tracers. then the walls started to look like they were breathing and more geometric figures were coming out like patterns. i rememeber my dad calling me up for dinner so i went near the stairs and fell right on my ass. but i didnt feel anything. i went upstairs and the light was so bright it looked like there was smoke all over. i tryed to eat but i wasnt hungry what so ever. i thought my pupils were gonna bust me but they never said anything so it was all good. we went down stairs and finished the movie. it was really trippy. i could barely see straight at this point but iw as having the time of my life. after the movie we tryed to play tony hawks proskater and it was so intense. we just started laughing again cuz it was like it made absolutely no sense. we could barely move so i just turned on the TV to espn2 and it was a skate boarding show, how ironic. we laughed at everything and then my friend was laughing so hard that his eyes started to water. this is where the trip to a bad turn. he was trippind so hard that he thought he was crying so it made him freak out a little. he thought he was gonna puke and he was barely responding to my questions. so i had my mom take him home. then i got home and got online and he did too and he said he was tripping the hardest he ever had. he was starting to think he ate too much so i calmed him down and then we listened to the same kinda music and just talked for an hour or so. then i got of line at about 7:30. i went out of the computer room and my family was watching x-men. i didnt remember any of the movie so i watched it again with them and it was pretty cool cuz i was starting to definitely come down. im gonna buy a quarter and eat an 8th and go to the aquarium so i'll make sure to post that.

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