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wow, that's all i got

This is long, but worth it.

This is long, but worth it...
For some time me and my buddy...B...were planning on just chillin out and doing shrooms together. Since two of our other buddies had nothing else better to do, they wanted in on our little experience. We'll refer to them as S and N. Well the big day finally came and we got our hands on some shrooms, rather easily actually, seeing as how the night before we had to drive 2 hours to get buds. Anyways, my parents were out of town so we all decided we would just go to my house and chow down on the shrooms. Well we finally got everything situated and ready to go, shrooms all divided up and set. So we threw in a dvd and started eating.
About 15 minutes in my buddy was feelin like nothing was gonna happen so we walked him out to my garage and smoked a bowl. After that was over we made it back into my house where we then finished our movie. After the movie was over we were all doing ok, no real stand-out experiences thus far...So B had this great idea earlier that day to walk outside while shrooming "it'll be crazy" he said, so we all decided why not. Well let's just say I don't live in the warmest climate and well an evening walk in November can get pretty bad, so about 100 yards from my front door we decided to walk back to my house, and that's when it all began.
We put the all infamous "mallrats" movie in and decided to kick back. While the movie started I decided I would 'relieve' myself and go to the bathroom. One thing you must understand is that in my bathroom the wallpaper is little blue objects about 1cm apart with a beige background...in other words, should be steered clear of. Anyways, I was doing my business when I just look to the wallpaper and just lose it. The wall seemed to expand, almost breathe, to the point where it could easily just kiss me on the cheek. This interested me to stay longer. I tryed touching the wall only to find that my depth perception was completely shot. After about 20 minutes went by (what seemed like eternity), reality kicked in for a split second and I fixed myself and went to go wash my hands, but made a big mistake. I looked up at the mirror and absolutely lost myself in my eyes, the swirls, the curves, the colors, were all just so unbelieveable. Eventually I made it out of the bathroom only to find my buddies in a dead daze, starring at the tv.
I decided that they were all deep within their own trips and it would probably be best I don't disturb them. So I found my spot on the couch and got comfortable. I watched the movie for a little, only until the wall behind the tv began expand and contracting, and at that point I remember saying "No, uh ugnh, I'm not ready for you now" and I put up my hand in some effort of stopping the wall from moving. After I raised my arm in resistance, I looked to my right only to find my friends starring at me with big grins on their faces. Realizing I was a moron I put my arm down.
A little bit later my buddy S was playing some video games and we were all watching him to lazy to play. About 5 minutes into the video games he turned and looked at my fireplace, pointed at it, looked at all of us and tryed to speak but all that came out was laughter. At that point me, B, and N, were all lookin at each other with a puzzled look on our faces trying to figure out what the hell he possibly wanted to say, but we got no where. After that we shut off the video games and e decided to go just run out the rest of our trips over a nice meal at Taco Bell.
When people say you come out of your trips with a different way of looking at life, they couldn't be any more right. After this trip I loved what life had to offer and wanted every little bit of it. Which worked out well because after my friends left, my girlfriend came over and she was down and I nothing but positive/good/life-enriching philisophical things to tell her, and then I knew I made someone else life better which made me appreciate life all the more.

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