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1st Shroom Trip

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i have drank a lot of alcohol and smoked a good amount of pot in my day. i've done a little e too but i have never tripped on shrooms. i've wanted to do them for over a year
or so and last night i had my first trip. i felt like i was ready for this first time experience but it turns out that i wasnt prepared at all and it was a life changing experience. me and a few buddies split about a half O and i made sure i ate just a few stems and caps because it was my first time. and of course, i made sure i had the OJ handy. we ate them about 7:30 or so. probably about a half an hour after that, i started to get a really light feeling in my stomach and i noticed my pupils started getting huge. by 8:30 or 9, i was tripping balls. i felt really weird and my body felt extremely light. colors were much brighter and i began to think much deeper. we were driving to my friends house before going to this huge party (this was a big mistake!) on the way there, i had one of the coolest visuals i had the whole night. i looked up at the moon and there were 5 of them in all different directions. when we got to my friends house, thats when i started to peak and i started to get a little antsy. everything i looked at seemed to be bursting
with life and the whole world seemed to have deeper meaning. i walked to the edge of my friends driveway and thought i saw the outlines of people hiding behind some bushes. when we were walking to the party, i was extremely happy and it was great talking to people. when we got to the party, thats when everything went wrong. they say when you trip you shouldnt be in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. i shoulda taken that into consideration. i went from being happy to experiencing extreme paranoia and anxiety. they talk about getting vibes and i was getting extremely negative ones from the party. i couldnt stand being with all those people at this huge party. luckily, my friend felt the same way so we ended up just walking around the neighborhood talking about what we were thinking and what we were seeing. we went back to the party a few times but it all seemed like an eternity. i found myself starting to get pissed off at
the world and i just wanted to find a quiet place in nature and i could just go and think. my friend and i walked around looking at the stars, the clouds, and other shit. the cops
came and broke up the party and we left as soon as they got there. after we left, everything seemed to cool down and i was back to normal again. by this time, i was coming down but i was extremely talkative. this first trip was definitely a learning experience. next time, i will make sure i am in a comfortable place with people i know. i actually thought about a lot of shit about my life and what i need to change. those little shrooms definitely kicked me in the ass and took away my ego. the one thing i learned
from this experience is to just chill if its your first trip. maintain a positive attitude and keep it safe. it put me in my own little world and i was wandering around all night. shrooms kick ass and they are better then anything i have ever done.

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