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What are hallucinations really, and what do they look like?

A true hallucination is when one witnesses something that appears to be real, yet no actual stimulus has occured.


by: Jinx
With slight editing by DeeGee

A true hallucination is when one witnesses something that appears to be real, yet no actual stimulus has occured. Hallucinations can be auditory, gustatory, olfactory, tactile, visual etc.
A psuedo hallucination is what one percieves with eyes open (OEVs) or closed (CEVs) when "tripping".

Genetic researcher Fritz Popp of Kaiserslautern University in West Germany has determined that DNA has a resonant frequency with a direct relation to the 66th harmonic of the frequency of the earth's rotation. This high frequency has to do with the scientifically recognized ability of DNA to communicate on the molecular level with light. In other words, when strands of DNA break apart during replication, they emit ultraviolet light, which encodes the DNA/RNA molecules in the nucleus. In the book "The Cosmic Serpent", Jeremy Narby postulates that the UV light projected by DNA is what one percieves with the pineal gland as psuedo hallucinations.

Suggested reading for a better understanding of hallucinations:

DMT - The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman
True Hallucinations /and/ The Invisible Landscape by Terence McKenna
The Cosmic Serpent - DNA and the Origins of Knowledge by Jeremy Narby


by: blinkidiot

There are two kinds of hallucinations; those based in reality and those seperate from reality.

Some examples of hallucinations based in reality are:

  • Bending, breathing, and warping of visual dimensions
  • Merging of the self (ego) with objects around you. My favorite of this is "I am the movie/music"
  • Add more changed-reality alterations here.

Some examples of non-reality based hallucinations are:

  • Seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, or tasting things that are not there. Seeing a friend or realitve that is not present is only non-reality based when the person is not being hallucinated off of an object (ex: a bunch of pillows and blankets looks sort of like a person is reality-based; a person walking around talking to you is non-reality.)
  • Add more mon-reality alterations here.

Sometimes while tripping you may not realize what is reality and what is an extension of your consiousness (or a true hallucination).

Shared Hallucinations
A shared hallucination is when you and another or several other persons recieve the same stimulus (same music, same movie, etc) and experience a hallucination in exactly the same way. Some people call this shared experience telepathy.

By Doktar Demento
In The Cosmic Serpent, Jeremy Narby describes DNA as quartz, and that it gives off a light, and as I recall he links
hallucinations to this. Kind of like altering your perception to see on different wavelenghts of light/energy, like
Don Juan and shifting to different "bands" of perception. Correlates with aura viewing, another method for altering
your vision to see a fuller spectrum. In a nutshell, hallucinations due to tryptamines could be the perception of
light given off by DNA.

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