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What can meditation do for me while tripping?

Meditation allows you to silence the 'inner noise', and focus your concentration.

Meditation allows you to silence the 'inner noise', and focus your concentration. It teaches mental discipline and helps to center/balance your internal thoughts and energies.

If you are ever freaking out, having bad thought pattern loops, or just want something to do or tune up your mental awareness.. meditation can help. Even if you don't think you need it.. it is always relaxing and grounding.

Simply get yourself in a comfortable position and focus on breathing (through your nose) deeply, slowly and evenly. Focus on your breathing.. steady, even, slow and deep.. Take your time and fill your lungs entirely, release naturally, pause, repeat.

All you need to do is focus on your breathing. If you want or need a visual aid to concentrate on, use a lit candle. Concentrate on the flame.

Try to keep your mind free from distractions. Do not evade unwanted thoughts but do not engage them either. Let things come naturally.. do not force anything.. become a passive observer.. simply observing the thoughts in your head as if they are clouds passing by in the sky. Keep concentrating on your breathing. Relax. Feel your mind becoming clear and sharp. Go as deep as you like, for as long as you like.

By Fucknuckle:

Meditation is the release of your awareness, of daily life, to the inner peace of self.

If you want to enjoy the finer points of shrommin and meditation
than you would be first bettered by getting some books about meditations and self awareness. It is far to big a subject to cover in a thread.

But a man's combo high can go like this.......

Don't eat any food for 8 hours before you eat shrooms. Find the most quite spot you can find. You don't want to be bothered for at least 8 hours. If you can find someplace outdoors that would be ok but, Indoors and very quite would be best.

Now spend 1 hour being silent and still.
Eat shrooms 3 grams not a huge amount
Focus your thoughts on things of nature you enjoy
When thoughts outside the relm of peace enter you brain then,
Focus on things of nature again and again
When you start getting real high
Lay down and close your eyes.
The most important thing is this.......

Do not allow the buzz to make you laugh or cry.Not to spark any sudden reactions
Discipline the mind.
Be still and calm

You will expereince shrooms in a very different way

But you must make the choice to be serious or you will just find the same Buzz.

Meditation #1: From Strumpling

just sit up and pay attention to your breathing if you have yet to research specific meditations.

Try it for about 20 minutes or so every day.

just breathe and be. hold your wandering mind at bay

Meditation #2: Posted by Cervantes

Another simple meditation is finding a quiet place, and listening to all the sounds you hear... focus on the sounds and nothing else... do this for 15-20 minutes a day.

Meditation #3: Posted by Cervantes

Count your breaths. Each complete inhalation and exhalation is one number... so for one inhale/exhale, you think of nothing but the number 1. Then you think 2 for the next inhale/exhale... continue until you reach 10.


Every time you think about anything other than the number, you must start over at one. Reaching 10 takes great focus.

It is very hard to get to 10 and some people get frustrated while practicing this meditation... and the more frustrated you get, the more you think and, the more you think the more you must start over.

This meditation is a very good tool. It helps you learn how you think and how to focus your thoughts. It is like juggling, you will fuck up a lot and you will have to start over... a lot... but it is a very helpful meditation... especially once you figure out how to keep from getting frustrated every time you must start over.

Meditation #4: Posted by benna

Try to stop all thoughts from comming into your mind for a time. When you realize this is impossible just try to watch your thoughts as if you were watching clouds go by. Then watch youself watching your thoughts go by. Then watch yourself watching yourself, etc.

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