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What is ego loss?

"Ego loss"..sometimes called "Ego transcendence" or "Ego death", is the state of mind when one temporarily bypasses, sees through, or otherwise transcends the limits of the ego.

The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary

From the chapter The First Bardo: The Period of Ego Loss Leary says:

"If we imagine history running back in time, we inevitably come to the epoch of the "big squeeze" with all the galaxies, stars, atoms and atomic nuclei squeezed, so to speak, to a pulp. During that early stage of evolution, matter must have been dissociated into its elementary components. . . . We call this primordial mixture ylem.

At this first point in the evolution of the present cycle, according to this first-rank physicist, there existed only the Unbecome, the Unborn, the Unformed. And this, according to astrophysicists, is the way it will end; the silent unity of the Unformed. The Tibetan Buddhists suggest that the uncluttered intellect can experience what astrophysics confirms. The Buddha Vairochana, the Dhyani Buddha of the Center, Manifester of Phenomena, is the highest path to enlightenment. As the source of all organic life, in him all things visible and invisible have their consummation and absorption. He is associated with the Central Realm of the Densely- Packed, i.e., the seed of all universal forces and things are densely packed together. This remarkable convergence of modern astrophysics and ancient lamaism demands no complicated explanation. The cosmological awareness- and awareness of every other natural process- is there in the cortex. You can confirm this preconceptual mystical knowledge by empirical observation and measurement, but it's all there inside your skull. Your neurons "know" because they are linked directly to the process, are part of it.] The mind in its conditioned state, that is to say, when limited to words and ego games, is continuously in thought-formation activity. The nervous system in a state of quiescence, alert, awake but not active is comparable to what Buddhists call the highest state of dhyana (deep meditation) when still united to a human body. The conscious recognition of the Clear Light induces an ecstatic condition of consciousness such as saints and mystics of the West have called illumination."

The Shroomery's Take

"Ego loss"..sometimes called "Ego transcendence" or "Ego death", is the state of mind when one temporarily bypasses, sees through, or otherwise transcends the limits of the ego.

Often this is reported as feeling a loss of sense of self identity, no sense of time/beginning. A feeling of being connected with the universe filled with love and peace and everything being one. The other side of this spectrum could be utter chaos, depending on your worldview and beliefs.

The ego is the function of the mind/consciousness that "filters" perceived reality through a set of pre-conceived notions and assumptions. It's basic function is to protect the mind/body from perceived threats to its reality. The ego can be associated with the "beta" brainwave, such as when you are actively engaged in conversation or doing something physical.

Ego loss, this author feels.. is an inaccurate term. Ego transcendence is a better description.
The ego is not some annoying obstacle to be rid of. It is a tool for spiritual growth, and has many lessons to teach us. One must not struggle against the ego, but flow with it, understand it, accept it, and become one with it. This is transcending the ego.

To go through ego loss, in laymans terms.. is to transcend the limits of the ego/individual personality, and become more aware of our existance as eternal spiritual beings.

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