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Can I take another dose during the trip?

on redosing

By TripMeister
(edited by Cervantes :) 

By all means, YES, redosing WORKS! However, redosing must be done before tollerance sets in, if it is to be most effective.

Forget everything you've been told about building an "instant tolerance" when the shrooms take efffect. Tolerance takes a little while to set in. Take a second dose of equal or greater (or even less) value, 1-2 hours after you take your first dose. You can even take a third dose 3-4 hours after the first but by then, you will likely notice tollerance setting in.

Be sure to redose BEFORE or DURING your peak (which may or may not be hard to remember to do... depending on the intensity of your trip). If you redose after you peak, tollerance will start setting in, and unless you take considerably more shrooms than you did for your first dose, you likely won't ever climb back to the heights of your first peak.

If you like 3-6 hour peaks on shrooms, try redosing, it works especially well with medium to large doses.

For example, (since TripMeister and Cervantes have quite a bit of experience with redosing) start with your usual dose, (TripMeister's is 5 grams, Cervantes' is 3.5g) then 1:45 after that, take the same dose 1 gram (so 6 for TM, 4 for Cerv) then, 1:30 later take the previous dose amount 1-2 grams (so 7-8 for TM... Cervantes hasn't tripple dosed... yet). It works great, but three doses seems to be the maximum you can do. After that, tolerance is at nearly 100%.

Three doses will let you peak for over 6 hours. It's also interesting to do different strains at each dose and watch how the trip's characteristics change.

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