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How do I stay positive during a trip?

Keep yourself in a positive or neutral environment.

By Shroomism

I like to set a mental goal for the trip, like face a certain fear, unresolved issue, etc. Something that will help me to grow and evolve in some way. After all mushrooms are a sacred psychadelic spiritual tool. I like to focus on this goal for a moment, and then meditate for as long as feels necessary to clear thoughts and inner energies, to center and balance myself for the trip ahead.

Keep yourself in a positive or neutral environment. Do not have a lot of loud distractions/drunken roommates/bad energy. If you are tripping indoors, clean and organize your area beforehand, this will help with the energy.

Give yourself plenty of options of things to do and/or good friends and company to have.

  • Music is an essential in my opinion - listening to it and playing it
  • Laid back, comfortable environment
  • Good friends
  • A notebook for writing down your thoughts may come in handy
  • Art is always fun

One of my favorite places for a positive trip is outdoors - in nature. There is just something about being surrounded by vibrant greenery.. trees, grass, water, rocks.. life.. that enhances trips. Meditate in nature and just TRY and feel negative...

In my opinion there are three things that influence tripping the most

  • Your thoughts
  • The people you are around
  • Your environment

Happy tripping!

By TripMeister

The best way is to do something fun.

The most fun and positive entertainment you can have while tripping involves music, playing it or listening to someone elses, especially through a good pair of headphones.

See Good Tripping Music TripToys and MeditationInformation.

Also, having photographs of treasured moments, friends & family can be uplifting and provide a sense of being grounded.

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