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Why do some people throw up while coming up?

Sometimes, the body regects your mind's suggested mushroom dosage.

Sometimes, the body regects your mind's suggested mushroom dosage.

Some people experience nausea and/or vomiting during mushroom experiences, especially with higher doses. This is largely due to the somewhat indigestible nature of the fungus coupled with the mental reaction to the active ingredients. Generally, the nausea is mild and passes shortly into the experience.

Generally, if you throw up, you weren't meant to eat ALL those shrooms. Often people vomit once the have absorbed the amount of psilocybin to trip. It is the body's reaction. We should respect our body when it regects a dose. Re-dosing after vomit can make for a poorly set trip. Vomiting due to shrooms is usually rare.

For a very few people nausea can also be quite strong, persistent and annoying, even from a medium dose. Every time they eat shrooms, they feel like vomiting. Usually, the best course of action is to give into it and throw up. Nausea usually passes fairly quickly after vomiting. Fighting it for long periods of time is difficult and most often futile. Although 70% of the nausea may be psychological, the other 30% is real and keeps it on your mind, no matter how hard you fight it. The more you are concerned about vomit, the more of a concern vomit will become. If you believe it will pass, it often does.

In this writer's experience, mixing 2 tablespoons of ground ginger with the powdered dose of shrooms has been 60-70% successful in preventing the nausea altogether.

The most widely used over-the-counter nausea medication is Dramamine (dimenhydrinate). Dramamine is quite effective but may cause drowsiness.

The most effective natural alternative for treating motion sickness is the spice ginger. Ginger offers the same relief as Dramamine without the side effect of dizziness. Ginger blocks the body's reflex to vomit. Ginger taken in capsule form or a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon powdered ginger in a cup of warm water will have an overall calming effect and reduce the severity of symptoms. Ginger can also be taken beforehand to prevent the onset of nausea attacks. Take the ginger at least half an hour before leaving on a trip. This will usually prevent any occurrence.

The most commonly used natural anti-nausea agent is marijuana. Many would argue that it is even more effective than dramamine or ginger. One advantage is its quick action. A possible downside is that smoking too much may actually cause nausea, or intensify your trip.

Other possible negative effects or mushrooms include anxiety and unwanted or frightening thoughts and visions. Mushrooms, though perhaps to a lesser degree than LSD, can precipitate strong, temporary changes in an individual's experience of life and reality. It can be a powerful psychoactive experience, especially at higher doses, which is significantly affected by experiences, set and setting.
Recent experiences, especially strong ones, can have a substantial effect on a trip. Physically or psychologically unsettling events in the days before a Mushroom trip can blossom into more serious distress and trauma while tripping. It is important to be prepared for the possibility of encountering difficult or frightening mental states. The Erowid Psychedelic Crisis FAQ addresses some of the issues involved in dealing with a difficult trip.

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