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What are some good trip toys?

Trip-toys can greatly enhance a trip, especially in a group setting. These "toys" can include anything from Music visualizations to blacklights to glowsticks.

1. Visualizations

Visualizations are the common term for the computer generated normally trippy visuals that move with the music. Click the link for more info.

You may have seen some ones with Windows Media Player those waveform and spectrum analyser but we can do better than that can't we. :)

Most are available for PC's so we?ll start there.

First off you will need a media player called Winamp. www.winamp.com Don't worry it is a good one. :smile:

To active the visualization right click on the player and navigate to visualization menu and select visualization.

By default you get the varied but slow AVS and generally one the people favourites MilkDrop.


One of peoples and the Shroomery's favourites

Additional updates for MilkDrop with extra scenes


(Includinga special one just for the Shroomery : Rovastar - The Shroomery
This should be included with Winamp but if not gotowww.milkdrop.co.uk downloads and "All regulars presets from July to September 2003" )


This is the latest visualization offering from those involved in MilkDrop & R4 combining the best of both. A 3D visualization with lots of variety so hopefully something for everyone.

Download it from here:



R4requires a decent computer & graphics card to function as desiredbut represents some of the most detailed visualization out there. Thenew trendsetter.

Download from:

G-Force is an old classic that is still being update an older version of this is include with Apples iTunes as their visualizer.
It is available for Mac and PC and in a variety of media player if you choose not to use Winamp.


Older but still good ones includes:

A classic that still looks good today

Fluid Dynamics to music

3D tunnels

Twisted Pixel


2. Kinder Surprise

Kinder Surprise eggs are a good trip toy if you want a fun trip or if you want some distraction from your mind (if the come up is a bit hard or if annoying thought-loops start playing in your head).

It's a chocolate egg with a small surprise toy inside. You have to fit the pieces together to finish the toy. Creating the toy is fun and distracts your mind. The toys are very funny and trippy. It's always nice to have a few Kinder Surprise Eggs around while tripping for some positive input.

Kinder Surprise eggs may not be readily available in the US, although they can be found in larger cities, usually in small, independent grocery stores specializing in imported food. They can also be ordered online.

3. Art Supplies

Finger Paint
Play Dough

4. Musical Instruments

Drums are very good, because anybody can play 'em... but any instrument will do.

5. Bubble Machine

Bubbles are beautiful!


You can find online Bubble Machines here:

 http://froogle.google.com/froogle?q=bubble machine

6. Plasma Ball

Buy online:
http://froogle.google.com/froogle?q=plasma ball

7. Balloons

8. The Ceiling

9. Big Furry Rug or Blankets

10. Stuffed Animals

11. Real animals. Pets. Fish.

12. Laser Pointers

13. Mirrors

14. Lava lamps

15. Glow Sticks

16. Bouncy Rubber Balls (some have BRIGHT flashing led lights), Koosh Balls, Tennis Balls

17. Black Light or Strobe (no epileptics!)

18. Plants and Flowers

19. Picture / Art Books

Abstract paintings
LSD Influenced Comic Books
Year Books
Photo Albums
The Micro World
The Great Cosmos
Forces of Nature / Storms and such
Animal Life - Air, Land, and Sea
Plant Life, and (Exotic) Flowers
People in general
Ancient Ruins, and Remains / Artifacts
Technology and Creations of Man (clock gears, building structures)
Mineral Specimens (Crystals Formations, Agates, etc.)

20. Candles

21. Leggos

22. Nature

23. Frisbee (...and don't forget... always exaggerate your catches, it's more fun that way...)

24. A Lover (or two!) =O

25. Magnets

26. Silly Putty

27. Video Games

28. A Fog Machine (and see #29)

29. Lazer Lights (a lazer generator, or a pen laser)

30. Sensory Deprivation (no lights, no sound)

31. Fractals - Spelunking

32. Screen Savers

33. Corn Starch & Water....

A Dr. Wizard home experiment with simple corn starch and water.
Unless you have actually done this, there is NOTHING in the world to compare to the tactile senses.
1) Get a bowl
2) Get 1 cup corn starch (put in bowl)
3) Slowly add water till it is all wet, but not too wet
4) Now, scoop your hand in and grab a "ball" of it
5) Roll it around in your hands
It turns solid momentarily while you are rolling it in your hands, but it slowly oozes off as "liquid" when you stop rolling it. There is something "mysteriously" cool about it!

34. Food Coloring & Water

A drop or two in a vase or fishbowl is mesmerizing

35. Dry Ice

A small piece of dry ice can feel very neat in your hands. Just keep it moving, as it is easy to forget about it and burn your hands!

36. Flashlight and Incense

Hold a flashlight and a burning sticking of incense in the same hand. Have the tip of the incense at the same height as the flashlight.

Enjoy holding the black flame. It's amazing, try it.

37. Hoberman Sphere


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