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Should I trip with sober people?

A "Trip Sitter" can be a very helpful person to have around especially if this person is naturally laid back and has experience with psychedelics and trippers.

A "Trip Sitter" can be a very helpful person to have around especially if this person is naturally laid back and has experience with psychedelics and trippers. They can provide a basis for reality if you get too far "out there"... but they can still join in on your deep thinking and humor or acknowledge some of your tripping ideas. This has the benefit of providing balance... the sober person has entertainment and someone to care for, and the tripping person has someone to ground them and experiment with. However, some people don't want to be too grounded while tripping, or at all.. so it's important that the sober person be someone whose natural personality would not clash with the tripping vibe.

Unless they have tripped before, sober people will likely be incredibly annoying and distracting. People who don't know what it's like might try to mess around with you, which is especially irritating, and happens more often that you think; especially if they have never taken hallucinagenics before.

As a rule: try to avoid it, unless it is your first time tripping, or you enjoy company. If it can't be avoided or it's for personal safety, try to find another location or time for the experience before going through with it.

If you want to go deep, tripping alone can be a very enjoyable experience; not having to distract focus from your experience because of other people is important.

Tripping in groups is also fun.

Tripping with sober people requires trust. Be sure to start with a small dose if you insist on trying to trip with the sober.

Although sober people may be bothersome to you while you are tripping, and tripping solo is very beneficial, if it is your first psychedelic experience DON'T TRIP ALONE. In a worst case scenario that you are confronted by an authority, or by a life or death situation, making quick coherent decisions is difficult whilst under the influence of psychoactives. You may quickly find yourself in the need of someone sober enough to help you.

Also, for a first timer, tripping with other first-timers can be a lot of fun provided everyone is well educated about the drug (ie, knows intellectually how much a standard dose is), and has taken many precautions to avoid contact with outside disturbances. (Turning the phone ringer off, making sure parents won't come home early, or sober roommates who could potentially disturb).

In an ideal group situation all but a small amount of people are under the influence. The person or persons who take one for the team are considered nannies in most circles, and deserve the love similar to a mother. Having someone that can act fast if things get hairy, change the cds, and generally take care of the trippers is incredibly beneficial to the sense of safety, which in turn leads to "better" more enjoyable experiences. But by no means is this person your bitch or treated as a slave; if anything they are moreso your superior if not equal.

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