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Well it was last summer, and i was out and about and some guy asked me if i wanted to buy shrooms.

Well it was last summer, and i was out and about and some guy asked me if i wanted to buy shrooms. i looked at my friend and said "do we ?", he said "yeah, lets get some". so we bought 2 grams dried. we did them the next day at around 6 pm. after about a half an hour i was kinda pissed about not feelin anythin and wasting 20 bucks.

i decided to have a couple beers and some shots of whiskey. i was sitting talking with my dad and my friend, when all of a sudden i was hit all over with a kind of light-headedness, laughter, and a huge smile spread across my face. we got the fuck away from my dad bcuz he would have thought we were getting drunk. so we went insidew to play gta 3 on my ps2.

we had a beer or two more and we couldnt seem to get even one mission done on the game with out getting distracted and killing everyone and consequently getting killed ourselves. lol. i had a feeling like...everything made much more sense than it did before. like a vale had been pulled off from my eyes.

i looked at my ceiling and noticed some trippy patterns. i got a piece of paper so i could draw what i was seeing to "remember" the next day what it was like. i drew for a couple minutes and looked down at the paper and it was a bunch of scribbles.LMAO when i closed my eyes i could see tons of visuals. it was like patters of a kaliedascope on my eyelids.

i couldn't stop writing bs and other shit on paper... the next day i found these "realizations" that i put on the paper to remember, and it was a bunch of non sense, needless to say i threw them out. lol

i was in a mad frenzy to clean my room, i couyldnt stand the mess. i made my bed, got rid of beer cans ect. ect. i was on my bed puttin my blanket into the space between the wall and my mattress kneeling. just then my friend who was watching porno in the front room comes into my rom looks at me and slams the door yelling something.

i was like wtf??!! and he's like u were jerking off weren't u? i was like fuck no man, i was makin my bed, wouldnt i have a boner? it took a moment to reassure him i wasnt jerking off, and we went out and watched some tv..

porno was on and let me say that porno is very trippy to watch when ur on shrooms! lol

i then went into a frenzy cleaning up the front room and kitchen, it was pissin me off all the mess and shit all over.

my friend had to go home so i walked him home, like 5 minutes from my house. i begged him not to go, i didnt want to be alone and shit. he said he had to work the next day so he had to go in and go to bed.

the walk home was amazing. the street lights were vivid and i was watchin my feet entranced almost. lolwhen i got home i wandered around the house and couldnt get comfortable in one spot i ended up reading my harry potter 4 book which is about 650 pages.

i had to keep my self busy and couldnt stp reading. when i was readin i was reading like 3 times the normal rate of reading and the weird thing is it all made sense! i ended up stayin up til like 4 in the mornin reading, read like half the book. lol

i also remember my heart beatin very fast, i put my hand on my heart and i was feeling it beat, i knew it wasnt normal and i was probly fuckin up my body, after doin them i felt the feeling of not wanting to do them for a long time but at some point do them again.

its been like 10 months now, and im looking forward to tomorow when i am planning to do them, should be fun, im gonna do more than a gram this time.

well thanks for reading this and i would recomend shrooms to anyone that has the curiousity that needs to be fulfilled. one last thing, START with a gram! trust me its enuf for ur first time! lol i was told to do an eighth the first time. im kinda glad i didnt tho, i would have been totally FUCKED

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