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Should I trip alone?

Your results may vary. Some prefer tripping alone, others prefer groups.

Your results may vary. Some prefer tripping alone, others prefer groups.

Some cultures would send their boys into the wilderness to become men.

Sure you can trip alone, although newbies should always trip with an experienced friend, if possible. Just make sure you know what you are doing. Take a small dose unless you are experienced and know your personal response to dosage. But, be forewarned, every trip is different.

- You can direct your trip towards your goal, without having to consider others' opinions.
- You can listen to whichever music you like.
- You can credit anything that happens to yourself
- 100 ertainty that no one besides yourself fucks with your noodle.

- Not for psychedelic newbies.
- No safety net when things are taking a wrong turn.
- You're the only one responsible for stupid things you might do.
- Others can help keep your trip moving "forward" as you might be more likely to get stuck in a "thought loop" on your own.

Some like tripping alone, others don't. Single trips are often more spiritual in nature. But if the trip goes bad, there is nobody but yourself to help.

Terrance McKenna talks a lot about solitary trips.

He suggests taking 5g of dried cubensis with the lights out and no sound. This is a LARGE dose. Do not attempt it unless you know what you are doing. Also, follow his advice WORD FOR WORD.

Others like music and lower doses.

Trip smart. Trip safe.

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