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Why do people trip in nature?

The first trippers tripped in nature.

The first trippers tripped in nature. They didn\'t have ipods, and at night, they didn't have electricity, or artificial lighting. Nature and tripping is, well, natural.

However, times have changed. Humans today are now much more domesticated.

Be sure to trip safe and trip smart, especially if you wish to trip outside.

Bring PLENTY of water, and check the weather before you stray too far from home. Bring someone along or at the very least, let someone know where you are.

Taken from a post in the discussion thread by: outputrotation

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I never really got how beautiful nature was until after I had shroomed. Before I thought what was the big deal about a bunch of trees and mountains? After I had a deep appreciation for them. Mushrooms just helped me realize what is important and what isn\'t.

Taken From a post in the discussion thread by angryjslice:

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Your trip manifests itself from the subtle vibrations around you. Vibrations that you dont normally pick up (while sober). They slowly magnify themselves in your brain once you're in the loop (mushrooms cause a recursive cascade of thoughts...the "loop"), and shoot off random fractal patterns of thoughts, colors and sounds.

When you are in nature, these vibrations are like the natural harmonics of the Earth, which are quite lovely, and pattern out nicely. Perfectly.

But, when you are surrounded by walls, and television and other technologies of mankind, these vibrations dont necisarily fit together in any particular way, causing more abrupt changes in thought, faster and more violent. The fractal pattern of thoughts becomes more chaotic than beautifull.

Love nature, man wasnt meant to be enclosed.


Taken from a post by rdnp2035 in the discussion thread.

Nature is extremely beautiful. Extremely! Everyone knows that... but while on mushrooms, my God! Not only are the details and the macro to micro patterns more clear, but you start to see it in ways that you normally can not. You\'ll see that it is all dancing, clearly alive..flowing with the universal life force and existing in the most scacred way.

One becomes awed by the immensity of the beauty and aliveness of nature, the extreme intellect behind all of the organization. And then you remember that this is where you came from, that you are a product of the same moving life force that created everything you see... Tripping in nature makes you think harder and more correctly than you would be sitting in your room.

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