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first time, really intense trip


This was my first time tripping and I decided to take 2.25 grams of what I found out to be very potent mushrooms. Me and my friend decided to trip in his basement and at about 11 pm we decided to chow down. We took them with peanut butter and couldnt taste them at all. Both of us had eaten hardly anything all day and took 900% dd Vitamin C pills.

After about 15 minutes I noticed that my muscles were tense and I was very jittery. I was a little uncomfortable so we decided to go smoke. Out on his patio about halfway through the bowl, I noticed the trees were different, turning purple green and orange and that my periferal vision was tinted. I looked at the wood grains and it began to flow and the trees pulsated. Now I knew I was tripping. We were really cold so we went inside and I chilled on the couch. The room seemed much bigger now. I felt heavy and as I looked at my friend I was hit by a wave of uncontrollable laughter. His face became fat and distorted and I laughed myself to tears. I got a collidascope effect with everything I looked at and my friends face was imprinted throughout the collidascope. I looked at my hand and dozens of his little face stared back at me.

As I sunk into the couch I felt like I was watching a play and that I was the royal majesty with the people in room as my jesters making me laugh my ass off. I looked at the carpet and it was like a river of lava as its patterns danced. As people walked by streaks were left behind their movemet. However the laughing ended and all the people in room began to make me uncomfortable so they decided to go outside where I was left to my own imagination. My friend went with them and I felt like I was alone for hours but I had plenty to keep me entertained.

I tried to use the computer but it looked so distorted I couldn%u2019t even focus on it. I looked at my ipod and with every artist I scrolled over I would see their faces reflecting back at me from the screen. My plaid jacked had so much movement I could hardly look at it and when I tried to walk, my feet looked a mile away so I decided to chill on the ground. My mind was racing and every thought I had was quickly interrupted by another. I needed to lie down so I laid on my friends bed.

I stayed here for the next two hours. It was around 1 am and I was beginning to peak. I was thinking thoughts I never thought possible and my mind was off in another universe. The visuals no longer intrigued me and it now became a mind game. I never really saw anything with my eyes for about an hour. I wasn%u2019t blind but just was too in touch with my mind. As I closed my eyes I saw millions of incredible things moving and dancing. My body would occasionally tremor and I felt like I was made of sand. I squirmed around uncontrollably as the mind fuck began.

Every thought was seemingly overwhelming and I lost touch with reality. I had forgotten about my identity and could only immerse myself in bigger thoughts. As my peak began to wear down I realized my friend had been lying next to me on the bed and we both noted how hard we were tripping. This was my friends 5th trip and his smallest dose yet, but he said it was by far the hardest he%u2019d tripped.

I layed on the bed talking about random shit with my friend as we both were totally in a philosophical mindset. I had my hands down my pants and it felt like their was so much room in  my pants and I could reach forever. I began writing things down and I had an insane hallucination. When I started writing I would be transformed down to the size of the pen. I would carry this huge pen on my back and I ran around the paper writing all these fucked up thoughts in my head. Another thing that happened is when I took out my phone it was like this vortex. I called a couple people and I would be sucked up into the phone. I saw myself from an overhead view talking to the person like we were having lunch together. Various visuals occurred on the bed when I saw my friend morph into the silhouette of a black bear.

We finally got the energy to get off the bed and were still tripping very hard. I accidentally saw myself in my friends mirror and it was pretty terrifying. I had like a giant cone hole shooting through the center of my body. I jumped away but eventually forced myself to look again. I became lost in the mirror and it was exactly like a funhouse mirror. My body would bend and stretch with every movement. I could stretch my jaw and my face looked like the one on the cover of Pink Floyd%u2019s, %u201CThe Wall.%u201D

Their were two cats and a bird in his basement which made for some scary stuff. The cats fur flowed like a black and white lava lamp and the bird really freaked me out. At one point the cat jumped up and tried to catch the bird. The bird freaked out and started flying around the basement. Luckily I wasn%u2019t tripping too hard at this point so I was able to kind of laugh it off. We fucked around a bit more and my friend fell asleep at about 4 am. I tried to fall asleep but my mind was still racing until 5 am when I finally could put my mind to rest.

This was defiantly more than I expected for my first trip and the for the amount that I took. I think the fasting and vitamin C had a big part. Me and my friend were said by the straight man to had trip harder than anyone he had seen. It was a mind blowing experience that left me seriously drained. I felt this was a level 4 trip because I experienced an ego death and a loss of my identity and reality for a fair amount of time. I definitely do not regret this trip but hope not to trip this hard for a while.

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