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WOW blanket

This is my first trip report.

This is my first trip report. Thanks for reading.
General info: 180 Pounds
In good mood at the time
Ate them raw (dried)

I went to my friend house and we just sat around till his parents went to sleep. There was 4 of us I will call them “David“, “Gary”, “Jesse”, and me. So we went in to a room in his down stairs and “David“ and “Jesse” smoked some weed and I eat 2 grams and “Gary” was drinking some alcohol. So we were in that room for about 20 minutes. Then we got out of the room and I was starting to get impatient because it was taken so long. So we decided to watch Bevies and Buthead do America. That’s when I started to notice stuff. The shadows we weird looking and looked like they were growing horns or something. I just ignored it thinking it was nothing. So they put it in and started to play it and the starting credits started and I thought it was the longest thing in the world so I walked over too a blanket and laid down and put it over my head. And then it started the blanket had lines on it I and it started to move and looking like outlines of skulls and then I started to freak out because the blanket was getting in my mouth. “Gary” got out of his chair and pulled the blanket o ff my face and asked me what was wrong I said what I saw and he laughed and then he through the blanket back on me and the lines were wavy and then all off a sudden I herd “get up man Buthead tripping out on the cactus” so I got up and watched and it was so cool after that seen I went back under the blanket and I started to think about god and life then all of a sudden the movie is apparently over I thought it had been like 10 minutes. So they put on Magyver season 1 i watched it “David“ and “Jesse” passed out. After an episode “Gary” had had ¾ of a 26 of rum. So I dragged him to the bathroom and he puked and passed out so I got him a blanket and a pillow. Then I filled up the sink with hot water and put my hands in it for almost 1 hour and then cold and for 1 hour and then hot again. Then I got the Led Zeplin the early years. And went under the sink witch is a coberd. And listened to the whole CD then I got out and dragged “Gary” out and he took my bed and for the rest of the time I played Age of mythology. And then they woke up and I never slept I was a bit nauseous. But I went home and it was good and I will do it again.
All names are fake but all else is true.

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