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Essential Links

No matter how experienced you are with tripping, please pick a few (any) of these Essential Links and read them from start to finish... unless you've already read them.

No matter how experienced you are with tripping, please pick a few (any) of these Essential Links and read them from start to finish... unless you've already read them.


  • Read up before you ever trip... if you can. It is good to know a thing or two about tripping before you actually trip.The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary is a great, and comprehensive introduction to Psychedelics. This book should be required reading for Shroomerites.For more reading material visit the reccomended links on this page.Remember,knowledge empowers you and can save you in hard situations!

Experienced Psychonauts:

  • Remember, the more you know about tripping, the more you will understand... and enjoy. Keep your mind open to new things. You create your own reality.

You can learn a lot from a mushroom.

Magic Mushroom Dosage Calculator

Toxicology of Magic Mushrooms

The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary

  • This is A MUST READ! This link is gold, Timothy Leary's "The Psychedelic Experience" ONLINE (Normal folks need to buy this book!)!!! Tim Leary was the guru of LSD, and he wrote many books. "The Psychedelic Experience" is the tripping handbook for many psychonauts around the world.

The Psychedelic Experience FAQ

  • If Leary's book is too long, this is a short, overview of Tim Leary's "Psychadelic Experience". It covers most important points.
  • More Leary Information

Recordings of Terrance McKenna

  • Many hours of McKenna speeches. Like Leary, Terrance McKenna was a well known psychadelic philosopher and shaman. Terrance McKenna is not as easy for newbie trippers to approach as Leary. In his books and lectures, he often takes on very difficult topics. Terrance was definitely a brilliant man. Thank God there are so many recordings of him... although his voice may take a little getting used to.
  • More McKenna Information

Aldous Huxley's The Doors of Perception

  • A poetic look into the mescaline trip as experienced by renowned intellectual Aldous Huxley. A wonderful introduction to psychedelic thought in general.

Albert Hoffman's LSD: My Problem Child

  • LSD inventor Albert Hoffman describes his experiences during the formative stages of the psychedelic thought and experience in the 20th century.

Handbook of Therapeutic use of LSD 25.

  • Although it was formulated around LSD psychotherapy it offers valuable insights to the aspiring psychonaut. Well, there it is... start reading!

Spiritual & Ritual use of Psychoactives

Comments on the Psilocybin Mushroom by Elfstone

  • A cool, but slightly incomplete article that in some ways picks up where McKenna left off. Very informative. It also contains a cool interactive project. I hope he updates this article some day.

D.M. Turner's Essential Psychedelic Guide

  • According to Dade Murphy, "I've found this practical guide to be very informative and accurate. (D.M. Turner's Essential Psychedelic Guide) It's more concise and easier to navigate/understand than, say, the Vaults of Erowid or Shulgin's books. Of course it leaves out a lot of points that more lengthy resources might go after."

A Beginner's Approach to Psychedelic Mushrooms

How to Avoid a Bad Trip

Maps.org: Working with Difficult Psychedelic Experiences

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