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Woodstock 1st Timer

First of all, dont get mad if you dont agree this is a level 2 because I personally dont think you can rate this amazing experience, but i read some 5's and 4's and they were pretty damn freaky so I assume this is around 2.

First of all, dont get mad if you dont agree this is a level 2 because I personally dont think you can rate this amazing experience, but i read some 5's and 4's and they were pretty damn freaky so I assume this is around 2.

I was at Woodstock 99 with my friend, his younger brother, and their cousin. We all smoked weed, but were curious about this whole mushroom thing. We decided to go ahead and try it so we thought an ideal time to try it would be at a rave at around 1 30 am. Fatboy Slim was playing. We found a booth where a guy was selling bowls but really was making more $ off weed and shrooms. He sold us some for about 25 dollars. The guy told us to try about 3 since we were first timers and then see how it went and to give it a half hour. We all sat down in the grass and chewed on them. I had 2 or 3 stems and a cap. My two friends had about the same except they smoked some weed. The cousin didnt do shrooms at all, so he was the babysitter I suppose.

Right after we ate them fireworks began going off near us. Of course being first timers we kind of tried to act like it was freaking us out but the effects hadnt really come in yet. We walked to the rave and began to feel very loose, very happy. I had a huge smile on my face that I couldnt get rid of but it felt so good anyway. We all sat down and watched the ravers dance and stand around. All of a sudden, some girl and her boyfriend sat down with us. She starts talking to us and tells us she's on Ecstacy. She was really happy and was lying down and getting back up, flirting with us, massaging our hands and heads. She tried to kiss me but for some reason I backed away. During all of this I started to look down at the concrete only to discover that it was moving. It looked like it was underwater and I thought it was the most amazing thing I'd ever see. Maybe it still is. I loved it. I kept getting pissed when my view was blocked by shadows or when dirt would blow on it. I would keep repeating, "Keep this area clean! This is special!" Then I began seeing everything covered with very subtle colored circles. It was beautiful. Every now and then I'd feel like it wore off but sure enough it came back again. When water would hit me it felt like hot sand and I felt as if I was in Egypt. I would get up and dance, and smile. Then I'd sit back down and chill. Techno music began to make sense to me. I felt the patterns and the loops. Peoples words became patterns repeating in the music. Then the voices sounded like they were in slow motion at times.

Then it got bad. I began to smell fire. I later found out it was a barbecue but it was so strong of a smell to me at the time. I guess it did get out of control because some kind of truck came with sirens to put it out. This whole dilema really frightened me, that and the huge crowd of people that I felt were staring at me. We left and walked around. I felt like we walked for miles only to realize that we had covered about 50 yards. Time began to lose its importance. It didnt exist anymore. I felt like I was in 2 worlds. One moment, I'd feel happy, then I'd feel like something was terribly wrong, but there was no solution. My 2 friends felt the exact same thing and we would finish each others sentences which was really cool. We were all going through the same thing. Our straight friend was kind of worried as he never did this and didnt know how long it would last. He went up to some booth and asked this guy how long these trips lasted. The guy was totally cool and really gave me a feeling of comfort. He said about 4 to 5 hours and told me I'd be fine.

We then went and sat down in the grass away from everyone. I began cracking jokes. I had bever been so witty or funny. I was making my straight friend crack up. But between jokes I was still scared. Some kids walked by and I told them what we were on. The kid informed me that I "must be on the bomb diggity shrooms." I began seeing everyones face that passed us as Freddy Kruegger which was not cool at all. Then some kid trying to sell those cat eye things comes right in my face and scared the shit out of me. (Not literally, thankfully.) Anyway, after a while we felt safe to walk back to the campgrounds to our tent. We were there with my two friend's father by the way which made it a little more scarier. We all went in the tent and fell asleep. This was the best. I lied in the tent and I knew I was going to be alright, yet the parts of the tent were moving and it was amazing. Songs filled my head that sounded perfect. I fell asleep and woke up the next day feeling very content.

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