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The Polymer Technique

A very efficient, high yielding, high potency growing method.

I retyped this for everyone so you PC users (the dark side) can open this file. I hope you appreciate it! I'm a hunt and pecker so it was quite a job. I ended up buying the polymers from someone on the web. They should be available at most decent garden shops or greenhouses.

Polymer Technique or PCP Mix (puppy chow & polymers)

You will need:

2 cups of Purina Puppy Chow 7 cups of scalding water Aluminum Foil Vermiculite 8 teaspoons of Polymer crystals Large Mixing Bowl 4 Quart Mason Jars 4 Lids and Rings Pressure Cooker Spore Syringe Strainer

In a large mixing bowl combine 2 cups puppy chow with 7 cups scalding water. Stir mixture slowly for a minute. Let bowl and mix set for one hour. Stir again for another minute, then strain liquid from mix, trash soft dog food pellets. This should give you a nice broth with some sediment in bottom. If the dog food you are using has a lower moisture content, it is o.k. to add more water so you have enough.

Add two teaspoons of polymers to each jar. You can get by with one, but the mix is too wet and grows much slower. Use two if at all possible.

Pour 1 cup of broth into each of the 4 mason jars. This should leave about a quarter cup of sediment and liquid on bottom of the mixing bowl. Divide the sediment and left over broth among the jars.

Use the foil and vermiculite to seal the jars. The best method for this can be found at the shroomery, and is called "Ramsey Vermiculite Seal".

Pressure cook for 20 minutes at 15lbs pressure. Wait till it jingles and has reached 15lbs pressure before starting the timer. Allow jars to remain in cooker until completely cool.

Inoculate the jars with 2 or 3 drops from your spore syringe. Do not shake at this time. We want the spore water to stay on top for now. Place the jars in a dark place until mycelium has grow through the mixture. If it doesn't appear to finish the last 1/4 of an inch don't worry.

When jars are colonized, case with a 1/2 inch of damp sterile vermiculite or casing mix. Wrap aluminum foil around sides of jar to the top of the content level. This will help the mushrooms find "up".

Place in normal fruiting container.

The mycelium grows and the polymers release liquid and nutrients as the mixture dries or absorbs the liquid. It is a very efficient, high yielding, high potency method.

The mixture in the jar disappears as you harvest the mushrooms. When there is a half inch or so left, the flushing is mostly over, and you can add the mix to a compost pile.

The final step is to enjoy...........................................................Mark

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