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Window into Madness

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I've been reading these trip reports for a while now. I've probably read a thousand reports here. I've never tried shrooms before and have recently started growing my own. The process has been going slowly, so when the opportunity arose to pick up a few grams, I jumped on it. I picked up four grams of an unknown strain. They were pretty blue. There were four of us interested in trippin this weekend and only four grams of shrooms. Everyone else was a first timer as well. I was the only one worried that one gram wouldn't be enough. I did some looking into MAOI's to boost it's effectivness, but I really couldn't come up with anything on short notice. It turned out that my gf decided not to journey with us due to logistics beyond her control. So my dosage now sat at 2 grams. I was happy. So we chewed them up with some chocolate at 9:30pm April 12th/2002. First thing I noticed is that they don't taste nearly as bad as what some people say. I couldn't even taste them with chocolate. So, I had 2 grams, J and his gf S had one gram each. We put in Yellow Submarine. I've done some LSD in the past so I thought I had an idea of what do expect.

Within about 45 minutes, it was coming on. It was a strong buzzed feeling. It seems similar to a pot buzz at first. S went for a smoke very early into things before she started tripping and didn't come back until J and I were coming up. She seemed to be trippin pretty hard at that point. Before things got really strange for me, J started complaining about not relating to Yellow Sub and wanted to put some music on. So I turned off Yellow Sub and J played some of his music. He wanted to listen to a buch of 80's crap he had with him. I wasn't into this at all. I went to the bathroom and that's when I really started noticing things! We have a blue mat on the bathroom floor and I could see big blue fish swimming in it! It looked like a stained glass type of image. It was pretty cool! Then I looked in the mirror for a bit and I watched my hair grow longer and shaggier. My face looked like it was vibrating and bluring. This was pretty neat, but I didn't want to look too long because I was worried I'd see my face turn demon like or something. I didn't feel like it would have bothered me, but at the same time I just knew I didn't want to see it. Sadly enough, this about the limit to the visuals I had that night. It was a much more heady trip than a visual one. I think this is because we spent most of the time in the dark with a black light on and the tv on. I put some Butthole Surfers on and had my computer hooked up to my tv and was running the Milkdrop plugin for WinAmp. This was pretty cool, but didn't seem much trippier than normal. I found I couldn't focus on any one thing for too long, not like LSD where you can find yourself staring at something for hours and getting a kick out of it.

I found myself wandering down dark disturbing hallways in my mind if I didn't continually try to focus on something. This was uncomfortable, but not unmanagable. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that S had come down as fast as she went up and was really dragging the rest of us down because she was upset that she wasn't trippin anymore. The music was a constant battle as well. J has very different tastes in music than I do and we kept changing the music. In the end I found the music wasn't really doing it for me anyway.

Things started getting fun when we went upstairs and decided to go for a walk. J kept saying things that were causing me to laugh hysterically! It was raining outside and we were getting ready to go for a walk and J says "Do you think I should wear my shoes?" I found this insanly funny. So we went out and wandered down to a park near my house. It was nice, I wasn't trippin so much anymore, but it was a nice walk. Things looked pretty normal at this point. J was trippin balls though! He was having trouble discerning reality from non-reality. He was enjoying it from what I could tell. Then we walked down to the river and hung out there for a bit. Then we headed back home. I was pretty much back to baseline when we got back. However, J was on the brink of madness! I curled up in the fetal position on the floor in my kitchen and kept going on about how confused he was and how he couldn't tell what was real anymore. At one point he wanted to call his mother, but I talked him out of it. Finally him and S went into our spare room to crash. I still couldn't sleep so I decided that I had to clean. I find that cleaning relaxes me. I felt that we had really messed up the place during the night and that I had to have it all cleaned up before I went to bed. I hate waking up to a messing dirty house. I like to get up and have a coffee and read the paper and not worry about doing dishes first. So I totally cleaned the place up. Then showered, shaved and went to bed feeling fine. I had a slight headache the next morning, but nothing a couple tylenol couldn't take care of. I felt great for the rest of the weekend.

Final thoughts. Shrooms don't seem to take as much of a toll on your body as most other drugs, including alcohol. They can really play with your mind though. I felt at times that I had opened a window into madness, but the whole time I know for sure that I would be normal again in a few hours. Time made no sense. I was used to that from my LSD days. I found it difficult to focus on things most of the time. This takes away from trip toys unfortunatly. With LSD, trip toys are boss! With shrooms, I got more of a kick out of normal things like floors, walls, trees, rain, etc. I think that tripping in the dark isn't as much fun with shrooms. I prefer to have the lights on so you can really see everything. So in summary, it wasn't an earth shattering trip, but it was worth it and I look forward to my home growns for some more experimentation.


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