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1st Campting 'Trip'

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Please forgive me if i indulge into details, that is the only way to bring justice to this incredible experience.

Myself and two of my friends and I had tripped before. We decided it was time to trip again. We aquired some mushrooms, now the only problem was we had nowhere to trip. Our options were limited so we decided that the perfect location would be on a secluded island we had discovered. We canoed there that day and we set up camp. We were all in bad moods and my friend decided that she wasn't going to do them because she was afraid of getting a bad trip. She changed her mind after we ate ours and she took hers and retreated inside the tent. I was sitting outside with my other friend. We started getting really really hyper. running around the island, laughing and acting like weirdos. We were yelling and we didn't care! We went to check on our friend on the tent. She was eating chips and she told us that she wasn't feeling anything and that we should leave her alone. She said we were really annoying and she was getting mad at us because we wouldn't leave her alone. I was having so much fun and I didn't want her to miss out on everything. She wouldn't come out. She described feeling a mild stoning effect, like she had smoked pot, not the usual mushroom euphoria from previous tripping. After a while my mushroom buddy and I were totally out of it, she was convinced that her hair was the most beautiful thing in the world, she has really long blonde hair and she kept proclaiming how amazingly valuable it was.

Then I looked up at the sun, it was so beautiful. The colors were like those in all those sixties hippy daisies. The rock of the Canadian Shield was a beautiful bright pink. The moss was soo beautiful, everything was amazing. Vibrant and indescribable. I couldn't remember ever feeling so happy. In no time we were running around laughing, falling onto the rocks and rolling around in goose excrement (gross gross gross gross gross) but at the time everythign was so pretty. Even the dead crayfish shells, and the ants. Everything was so beautiful.

I went into the water up to my knees and it was soo cool. I couldn't feel the water on my feet and my jean clung to my legs and felt so awesome.

My friends convinsed me to get out of the water. Eventually we ended up in the tent and by this time all three of us were in our perfect dream world.

One of us remembered that we still had some mushrooms in the tent. We ran up and doled out the shrooms into little squares of tissue. When we held the tissue in our hands and looked at it it looked like it was melting. We were screaming. It looked like when you put something over a fire and it shrinks.

After this we all went and sat on the rocks and watched everything in awe. Everything was moving and brething. I could here everything. I could hear a faint kind of music almost in the distance (noody else heard it).

Later we went exploring the island. I couldn't believe how pretty the ground was. We were sitting on a rock and a beaver came and swam right up we tryed to be still. We were playing guns, we picked up sticks and pretended to shoot each other. We were acting like little kids...

My effects started to wear off. We set off some fireworks and we had some sparklers, and I went to the tent and started slapping mosquitos.

Sorry about the length... There are some things that I noticed while tripping which i have to add...

-we were all that mattered in the world, I couldn't bring myself to care about anything or anybody else. who could worry? eveything was perfect.

-when i held my breath, it felt like there was a huge weight on my lungs and they were going to explode.

-my mouth felt like it wasn't part of my body. we were eeating cherries and chips and they didn't feel or taste right.


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