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where are you?

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i am out here
it said to write after dose?
dose: 1/8 Wavycaps, dry
yeah, it's no longer the season
what can i say
you might want hear about my visuals?
you might want to be inside my inner ear?
i'm in here
i'm out there
i rated this two,
because i didn't take enough steps to nirvana
but i'm in my state
yes this is second rate
but recently, this has been my fate
writing this in trip mo',,,,........
i'm flyen here solo, with you
this is a trip
trippy, isn't it
i want to write this
from the far out i'm sending it
trying to help you, in interpreting my
shit, forgot..
oh well..
lack of communication
is at th th th the center of this trip

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