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When called to the Shamanic Path...

others may not appreciate your journey as much as you will.

others may not appreciate your journey as much as you will.

Me, Penguin, Euro Dave and Lobo(sitter) were together on the summer solstice.Grams of shrooms appeared and we began our devious plans. i rolled two heavy blunts and machine rolled a couple joints with added sage and mint. ( I'm a hippie pagan...if you hadn't caught that). I'm fairly large. 6'4 260, I'm larger than all of my friends.i had about 4.5 grams dry. Euro Dave and Penguin had around 3 respectively. we have this technique of chewing them as long as possible and then holding the cud like dip between ones gum and ones lip. swallowing when the anxiety comes.
The Xbox pulsed on like magic. we tried as hard as we could to chase and shoot each-other on red dead revolver. our spasticly sporadic concentrations feebly failed moment after moment. we would look up from a fit of delirious laughter to see Lobo had killed us all and fallen asleep. the suede of the couch was filled with all manner of faux leather cartoon imagery. the plane of reality slide up and down my mini-blinds. my apartment was like a thin paper containment cubicle that i threatened to pull apart with my mind.
Champa filled the air somebody handed me a lit blunt. i was so fucking happy i did a jig. we began to watch the nightmare before christmas. there are few who deny, at what he does he is the best. all his talents are known far and wide. to a guy in kentucky...hes Mr unlucky. of the millions of times i watched that movie i had never been so excited as that time when i saw the holiday tree forest. my stomach growled at the thanksgiving tree. smoke hung in the air in my apt.the blue ambiance of the TV canceled everything else out. someone had turned off the lights and now the only motion in our universe was tim burtons.at some point i became very conscious of my breath. the smoke and blue light had convinced me, for about half and hour maybe, THAT I WAS UNDER WATER ON MY COUCH WITH MY FRIENDS.
i tried to go get drinks for us. found my self on the balcony. thinking about making love to a tree that hung over the left side. opting against dedrophilia. i left the sexy tree and its powdery orange night outside. it was a good good night. i rocked out later. then passed out.

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