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what it's all about

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i'v never done mushrooms before until this one night in january 2002. i was so excited cause my brother and two of my friends were all going to go on them then go on a treasure hunt around town. which ended up not happening. we went to pick up from a freind of my bros. lets just call him adam. (he said i should eat 2 grams for my first time) we went to the college to eat them, i waited for a bout a half hour and nothin was happening to me. which i thouht really sucked then we went for a ride me my bro and my two friends... then it happend we were driving around on this trail in the forest and the trees looked like they were bleeding, i had my window rolled do cause i was having a smoke then all of the sudden i saw a huge bird chelsea saw it too, well at least i think she saw it too.
but then it tried flying into my window, i freaked out and started crying, i was so scared that i couldnt close my window, we then made it to a garbage dump where i thought i saw a crazy bum chasing after us, i made my brother get us out of there as fast as possible. we ended up droping chelsea and ashley off at humpty's then we went to pick up my other bro from his friends house. me and jeff sat in his truck for a hour just talking, i was amazed at how many thoughts were running through my mind. it was then that i figured out what life was all about, whihc my bro had found out earlier then i but on weed. so we sat and shared our thoughts, then i went to get my bro. we brought him home and me and jeff went back to adams house(my boyfriend) that is when i figured out just how much i love nofx, and what there lyrics were all about. then i was sitting on the couch with jesse staring at the wall and then it turned in to a mowning face, i started to get creeped out again. in the backround all i could hear was adam scratching and then the posters on the wall turned into letters, then jesse saved my by asking me how my first trip was. it was definetly the best moment of my life i figured so much out that night and i will never forget it, i love mushrooms

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