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what a night

I ate 4 big PF strain shrooms and lots of pins and aborts at about 12:30am, sat back and started to talk to people in the shroomery chat room.

I ate 4 big PF strain shrooms and lots of pins and aborts at about 12:30am, sat back and started to talk to people in the shroomery chat room. About 10 to 15 minutes later i started to feel really tingly all over, but i just thought that i was nervus because i hadent tripped that many times befor, so i go to the bathroom to splash cold water on my face, when i look in the mirror i yelled "HOLY SHIT" because my eyes were almost solid black. I ran back to my computer and kept talking to people waiting for the trip to get stronger. About 20 minutes later i could could hardly type, so i said "i ggota goo, rememberr TheMMilkMann_ Loovv es you a lll" and left. I turned on my black light and started two brain candy programs on both my computers, but it seemed too bright and i didnt really enjoy looking at the screens, so i flipped off all the computers and my lava lamp, just leaving the black light on and say back to listen to some music. 30 more minutes pass and i get up to blow my nose, as soon as a grab a peace of tissue paper and look at it under the black light i think to myself "shit, this is the coolest thing ive ever seen" and just stand around playing with it for about an hour or two watching it warp and twist around in my hands. Then i thought to go into the bathroom to check my eyes, as soon as i get in there everything is moving the fibers in the floormat and towels are moving around and my walls seem domed, my eyes were still almost solid black. Back in my room i lay in bed and just push my feet against my bed posts because it feels like its bending when i push on it. I start to get hungry, so i take a walk downstaris into the kitchen and look for something to eat, find some cookies, and start to eat a few thinking "wow this feels strange to eat" and then get something to drink. Holy shit, having liquid in my mouth felt really damn cool, so i just kept drinking and drinking cause it felt so good. Back upstairs im playing with the tissue again for a good while, and listing to music, and notice that im almost out of my trip so i decide to try and sleep, but this proves to be very difficult, the time is now 4:30, so i just lay and stare at my walls. Suddenly i here someone walk to the bathroom, and i realize its almost 5:30, shit i gotta sleep, but still cant. I beleve i finally fell asleep at about 6:00 or so. Later my dad wakes me up at 12:00 in the afternoon calling me a lazy bastard, my trip is now over, and i write this report. I cant wait until i get the chance to do this again, but with a higher dosage.

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