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Welcome to Vassar!

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I had my first trip a few weeks ago on the Vassar College
campus. I don't remember what kind they were but we got
them for a very good price. Myself and seven friends bought
them from a friend of mine who grew them himself so we knew
they were safe.

We ate them at about 11:30 PM with some bananas and oranges.
I didn't really want to taste anything so I stuffed my share
into a nice juicy orange. We went outside and waited on the
stoop for the action to happen. I laid down on the warm
cement and looked up at the sky and at about midnight the
sky was the most beautiful shade of navy blue. The stars
sparkled like something out of Moulin Rouge.

For those of you who are familiar with Vassar campus, you'll
know that there is a place called the Shakespeare Garden and
behind it is a huge forest full of pretty trees and brooks
and mud.

We started walking towards the garden. My friend L and I
were walking side by side and just taking in all of the
wonderful things we were seeing. I said it was like one of
those rides at Disneyland were you hold onto the bar and you
go through forests and trees and we started laughing at the
thought of riding through Vassar campus on a little raft
holding onto the metal bar.

So we got to the garden and apparently we had all forgotten
about the statues. In the middle of the garden, there are
these three statues of characters from Shakespeare's plays.
We stepped into the garden had to tiptoe around them to keep
them from waking up and yelling at us for enjoying
hallucenagenic drugs in their garden.

We started walking towards the lake and it was incredible
because nobody said a word and we all laid down in the same
way at the same time on the path. We stayed there for a few
minutes looking at the silouhettes of our hands against the
beautiful clouds. We got up and began walking towards a
bench next to the lake that looked very appealing.

Two girls, J and K wandered off into the woods and by the
time we noticed their absence, we had already been sitting
on the bench for fifteen minutes. So A and M went into the
woods after them. T L and myself stayed on the bench and
discovered the wonderful world of hyperventilation.

What happened next can only be described as very Midsummer
Night’s Dream. We all thought it would be a good thing to
venture into the woods.

This was truly an otherworldly experience and I for one
remember very little else besides running at full speed
through the woods thinking that there is nothing more
rewarding or beautiful than being in nature and hearing J
tell everyone that she had found the mud.

I only remember at one point I had lost everyone else and I
wanted to find them so I yelled “Marco!” and the entire
forest woke up and yelled back, “POLO!!!” The woods were
alive with this word.

After what must have been about two hours of running in the
woods being loud, T and I decided to head back to the dorm.
We got about fifty feet from the edge of the woods and saw a
huge beam of light sweep across the trees. I was still
trippin’ balls so instantly I thought that the light was a
bad thing and that T and I had to get away from the light.
T had eaten less and was more sober than I was so he knew
that it was just campus security coming to check on a noise

T and I turned around and walked back into the woods as far
as we could go. We could hear talking and it was about
there that my trip turned bad. T saw how scared I was and
told me that as long as we were together I was safe. He
decided that if we were very quiet and still for long
enough, that our friends would be loud and security would go
after them and not bother us. We sat in the dark behind a
bush for something like fifteen minutes. I was also very
sad because the mud was cold and I didn’t want to be in the
woods anymore.

So, long story short, we all got back to the dorm in one
piece and continued to trip balls all night long. We didn’t
want to go to sleep because we knew that once we went to
sleep, it would all end. So we smoked a little more bud and
talked about our nigh

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