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weird road

I hadn't eaten anything at all that day when i bought a gram of shrooms off some guy i knew from school.

I hadn't eaten anything at all that day when i bought a gram of shrooms off some guy i knew from school. Me and some friends went to this party at a friends house in a quiet suburban area. I swallowed them all with a soda on an empty stomach at about six thirty pm. It took forever for the effects to kick in. Fourty minutes after eating them i closed my eyes for a second and started seeing strands of small white dots. This was my first time doing shrooms, so i didn't really know what to expect.

My friends decided to go for a walk just as the effects started to hit me. The road was long and well lit. I could see each individual grain of the pavement, and the images grew clear and distinct. Shadows were longer and blacker than night.

We walked up the road when i started to notice that certain colors would look different from a distance. My friend's grey blue and green shirt looked more like white red and orange. It was really trippy. Then the weirdest stuff would happen when i closed my eyes. I would see colorful bands of letters written in the strangest writing. Soon after i opened my eyes again, the creepiest thing began to happen. The outline of every object turned into strands of greyish green letters and roman numerals. Sometimes the letters would turn neon red or orange.

When i looked back at my friend who was riding his bmx bike, he turned into a vampire with a black cape and his red hair jumped into flames. The shadows under his eyes made him look even darker. When i looked at my other friends, similar things began to happen. The girl that was with us turned into a ghost and became nearly transparent, and my other friend turned into a skeleton. When i closed my eyes at that point i would see dark green blobs that would do the weirdest things. Not only that, if i closed my eyes after looking at my friends, it would appear as if i could see right through them. It was like being in another dimension. Then we all stopped at the corner of a street, and my friend tried to light a fire. It didn't work though.

When we started to head back i stayed at the back of the group on my own. I tried to get my walkman to work but i couldn't figure it out. My brain wouldn't operate normally. When the police man drove by i thought we were screwed, i got so freaked out because my cousin and another friend of mine were jumping from side to side down a rainbow road. I thought the cop would arrest us for disturbing the public (which was what some of my friends were doing). My best friend who had been riding his bike crashed in a ditch when the cop went by. I started to think the worst of things at that point. I thought we would get back to my friends house and the cops would all be their waiting for us. Then i soon forgot that and looked at the houses, which i started to notice, appeared to be the same house over and over again. I thought that it would never end and i would walk forever under the eerie shadow of the bright green street lamps, which from common knowledge, should have been orange.

We finally got back to the house of the party at nine o clock. My friend was so drunk he smashed right into a glass cabinet. The person who owned the cabinet got pretty pissed off, especially when immediately after he smashed the cabinet, i decided to lay down on the couch (which had plates and cups on it) that all went smashing onto the floor. At that point i started to trip out really bad. Things got scary. I couldn't feel myself and i felt retarded. My legs and arms ceased to function properly so i curled up into a ball and lay down on the couch. The pillow felt really weird under my head, as if it were alive and would swallow me up. Music sounded distant and distorted. I asked my friend what time it was because i desperately wanted the feeling to end. He said that it was 10:30. I shall curse that point of time forever, i'll soon tell you why.

When my friend was playing mario kart, the colors were all weird, and the music from the game repeated over and over again. It felt like time was repeating itself over and over again. After an hour of this i asked my friend what time it was and he said 10:30 again. That tripped me out so bad because it felt like at least three hours had gone by.

I started to think about breathing and then i nearly suffocated. Then i began mumbling nonsensicle phrases about god knows what. All of a sudden i shouted out the word rabbits for some reason. I asked my friend the time a couple more times that night (all with the same answer 10:30) when i finally got pissed off, stood up and looked at the clock for myself.

It was 11:40pm. What had seemed to me like seven hours of repetition, had actually been only an hour and ten minutes. Then i started to feel sick, and standing up and walking made me want to puke. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, my pupils completely covered my iris. I was still tripping out then, and when i looked at my face in the mirror it started to turn greenish.

When i left the bathroom i closed my eyes for a few seconds and saw in green writing, this sentence repeated over and over so that it covered my whole screen of vision, 'The world is going to end'. It was really unusually and i don't know what the meaning of it was but i'm sure it was nothing serious (i hope, it's been a week and nothing has happened yet). Well, i will conclude this by saying that after that the illusions went away and i felt kind of stoned for the next three hours before i went to sleep.

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