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weird dogs

It was spring barter fair.

It was spring barter fair. the first time i had ever fried. i was with my best friend Mindy and Mark. when i frist ate the shrooms i thought nothing would really happen. it took almost a hour before they took effect. i was sitting on a cooler at a food stand while Mindy got a hamburger when it hit me. all of a sudden my body weighted tons, the sky was gone and every one was starring at me. i remember walking around for a very long time. we walked by a van and this giant bear walked around the corner and scared me shitless. i screamed at my friends to look at it and i relized it wasn't me talking well it was me talking but I wasn't saying it my body was not a part of my mind. i was listening to my self talk and watching my self walk. Mark and Mindy laughed at me an told me it was only a dog ( a great dane) then i saw 2 wild cats on the hill side but the also turned out to be dogs. we soon got tired of walking so we sat on a rock for what seemed like for ever. i asked Mindy what her middle name was and she said "Gene" and i proceded to crack up screaming Molly Gene after about 10 minutes i calmed down and heard Mindy saying "my names not molly!" i was like oh, yeah. then eventually i got home. i don't remember how but i know i woke up in my bed at my house the next morning.
i think every body should go to a barter faire at least once the drugs and every thing just trips you out!!!

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