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15 People in a Forest During a Thunderstorm( long, boring, and well weitten)

The following is an my account of a very interesting group trip that happened in the summer of 2004.

The following is an my account of a very interesting group trip that happened in the summer of 2004. I was 17,(and the rest of us were in the 17-19 age range) and not a veteran of drugs in general- I had smoked obscene amounts of marijuana in one sittings and had even tried eating mushrooms on two previous occasions, which at the time I thought were quite successful and 'trippy'- but I was soon find out I was wrong.

It's summer and a mad chilling day. I forget how exactly our rag-tag mushroom group assembled, but when it was all said and done there were about 15 people who were chilling at M's house. I'm 17, the rest of my hippy friends were all in the 17-19 range.

It was a solid bunch. Eight of these guys are freinds-to-the-grave guys who'd known eachother for a fucking long time; quality guys. Even though I wasn't 'as' close, this was a close crew and shit was always relaxed and funny and just plain laid back. But I didn't feel like an outcast- hardly. I was the best looking, smartest, most capable, best with technology, most musically talented, humble, and arrogant-on-purpose for a laugh member of this chillin' heap of people. -.-

I knew everyone there minus a friend-of-a-friend, but the vibe of this gathering is such that you know your friend's friend has to be chill, since he is your friend. Almost all of us had at least tried eating mushrooms before, except a few- for whom this would be a first and very trippy experience. We sit around a bullshit a little, talk about I dunno- electronic gadgets, the weather, beer, pussy- just relaxed fuckeduppery. M, who's house and surrounding area we have decided to make our home for the next.

So after we settle in and just lay back a while we do the damned thing and each of us eat our share of mushrooms. Everyone ate 3.5 grams. I was slightly nervous because I knew the previous few times I'd eaten shrooms the effects were weak at best; so it wasn't as much anxiety as it was anticipation for the unknown. I was excited you could say.

M's house was in a nice suburban neighbourhood. Nice house and street that runs parallel to a canal. Off his street there's a path that leads you to a nice sized surrounding forest and nomad land- think, train tracks, nature, canals; it was very natural and raw around his house.

The group of us decide to go to the forest right by M's house because we figure it would be a good place to trip out- and it was.
It was T:+15 mins by now and we decide to chill at a giant pit in the middle of the forest. The trees were very tall and narrow birch trees, the ones with the nice white exfoliating bark. They ran in what seemed to be arranged parallel tracks, like they were planting in a grid. It was fucking sweet. The pit itself was about 20 feet across and 6 feet deep, which a shelf that lined the circumference that provided a perfect sitting area.

So I'm sitting on the shelf bullshitting just to occupy time till the shrooms kick in. I look around and don't see any obvious signs of people tripping. So far, so chill. After sitting on the clay shelf for about 5 minutes I stand up- and I knew I'd be in for a trip.

The previous times I'd eaten shrooms I had experienced uncomfortable body highs- the expected abdominal cramping, an uncomfortable increase in heart rate and mild visuals; tracers, mild morphing. Nothing substantial.
So it was a pleasant surprise when walking around the soft clay pit it felt like

I was being absorbed into the earth. The clay was naturally soft and gave when you put pressure on it; like sliding plates. But this was totally different. I felt like I was moving without moving, just letting the give of the earth slide me to where I wanted to go. I was fucking relieved- shrooms were finally working for me. Yeaa.!

I tell the rest of the group somethings along the lines of, " fuck yea. they're finally kicking in. This is cool stuff."
The drug veterans of the ensemble give me a laugh and a nod, like they've raised some seedling into a mighty oak. I actually thought this, I laughed but didn't explain why.
And this is when shit gets fucked up. Most of us were just beginning to feel the effects of the shrooms when...

A giant, massive, queen bitch mother of a thunderstorm/rainstorm parks right on top of us. I mean, our tranquil forest of parrarel bitch trees and shrubs transformed into a forest in fucking, Venezuela or something. The rain was truly staggering- it was a real DOWNPOUR in every sense of the word.

But we're not bummed out Hardly, really. Most of us took off our sweatshirts and shit, to get down to the bare minimum of clothing. Not boxers, just wife-beaters and shorts. By now I'm tripping, no argument. I look around and see all of us have occupied a birch tree as shelter and we're all lined up, each of us under our own birth tree that runs in a straight line in the grid pattern of the forest. I can see everyone just by looking left and right. The rain is still fucking coming down like crazy.

I felt like I was in the movie predator. I forgot i was in a small forest and thought i was in the amazon. I was even wearing like green army type pants and a ripped white tshirt. I felt like a commando on a mission.
But that feeling was taken over by, " OH MY FUCKING....SHITTT...dude...the trees are breathing man."

I said something like that. Well, exactly that. The trees WERE breathing to me,after all. the shrubs were breathing too, and in tune with the breathing of the shrubs I was hearing a shrill, quick wail. Think of the sound shows use when someone who is telepathic is mentally projecting their will to send a dish flying. Or think of Itchy's throbbing brain pulsing and shrilling in the Simpsons episode where he does said shrilling. It was pretty fucked.

I was just chilling under my birth tree shelter enjoying my taste of some mild visuals, FINALLY, when I looked over and saw one of my friends, who I'll call Micheal Jordan, tripping out of his fucking mind. MJ is a black friend of mine who had never eaten shrooms before. I only mention that he's black because it was his BULGING WHITE EYES popping of HIS SKULL that told me something was wrong. He was just staring at me with a look that said:
A. I am going to kill you and I really don't want to- I'm fucking sorry and scared that I have to kill you.
B. Something/someone is going to kill me.
I was kinda worried but I didn't wanna be some 'daddy' to someone when I was tripping out pretty bad too. But soon some people saw MJ was tripping too far to not react.
Apparently, MJ thought every raindrop of water was a spider. So...i can see why the guy was freaked out. I really wanna paint a good picture of this guy for you.

I'm looking at a breathing bush that is shrilling and pulsing in tune with, something-or-other. The forest just looked like one continous blur of green, black, and brown with a faint outline of shape and form. when I look to my immediate right and 10 feet away from me my friend looks like he just killed his entire family while sleepwalking and just woke up to find out he killed them. With a screwdriver. Which is still in his hands. I made eye contact with MJ and his eyes are FUCKING HUGE AND UNBLINKING. I look at him for like 15 seconds and he's just staring THROUGH me, unblinking. I think i remember seeing him swallow and his adam's apple just oscillating. Now...shit. Remember, I'm pretty psyched out too and I didn't like this. Put me in a bad mood.

So we decide to head to the side of the canal for a change of scenery. It was like predator- again. 15 of us literally hacking through thick fucking foliage to get to the canal. One of the guys, G, fucking stomped through the shit and branches and leaves barefoot. I remember looking back to see if everyone was keeping up when this bear of a motherfucker comes stomping through barefoot, crunching branches and twigs under his feet.

We make it to the canal and the rain finally stopped. It was like renewal, rebirth. This was where my mind started seeing less visuals but i was still definitely high- my thoughts were very clear and i was able to express myself really fucking well and honestly..like, more than this -.-.
So we just sat around and chilled, all of us in this state of higher consciousness i think, and talked about like social structure and meaning of life and what it takes to be happy...standard shit like that, that everyone should talk about while stoned once in a while. Micheal Jordan goes back to the house to chill because he really is tripping hard, so hard he needed to get away from us and take a break alone.
The whole thing through the storm and chilling on the canal port took about 6 hours. We ate the shrooms at noon and got back to the house at around 6. Micheal Jordan was chilling and able to laugh about his tough ordeal. All in all everyone agreed it was a successful mushrooms eating. Not too trippy, not too untrippy. Mushrooms, being in a motherfucker of a storm which INCLUDED mass amounts of lightning i forgot to add, 1 person going nuts, talking about deep shit, and going back to the M's house to come down and smoke herb and eat food and just keep chilling till late that night? IT was fucking good, i wish every trip could have a little something like that.

Just goes to show that drugs aren't bad, it depends on atmosphere, state of mind, preparation, and surroundings. Just last night I ate 4 g's of mushrooms alone in my room and once again went through some amazing mental states, alternate perceptions, and saw a green glow grow on the wall of my room.

Yea i know that was long. My last piece of advice for you non mushers reading this is mrmm
they're powerful shit. they don't get enough credit for what they can do. remember DAT

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