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weed + shrooms = confused daze

it was yesterday and i just got a call from my step-bro that he couldnt get me any shrooms because he had to go to court for a speeding ticket(we made an order on monday).

it was yesterday and i just got a call from my step-bro that he couldnt get me any shrooms because he had to go to court for a speeding ticket(we made an order on monday). i told my bro and his girlfriend that i coulndt get them today so we called one of his friends which said he only had a 40. which was not alot since we were planing on taking 2.5 grams a peace and it was mainly shake. then some other friends called use saying they wanted a place to do them at so we said they could come over but they had to split thers with ares. so we ended up makin it good. i got like 2 caps and 3 steams and me and my 2 friends eatem like in 30 secs. but the others got like all the shake from the bottomof the bag and i think like 2 caps between the 3 of them and it took em like 10 mins just to eat like they were scared to take em. the shrooms tasted like pistachios and i found a bunch in my teeth through out the nite wich was nice. but i also smoked a joint and a bowl to myself earlier while we were waitin which was like the biggest mistake cause it was really hard to tell when ur trippen and when ur not.
The first thing that i noticed was that ther were beams of light like sun shine rays going across the window like the japans flag. then i was watching a movie and this kid started staring at me. then he was talking to me but his head was getting longer and smaller. then his k-9 teeth would stick out like a sabor-tooth tiger. it did it like 5 times. then some one put on the fan. the light shades would produce a normly brown light on the wall but it turned into a lime green, red and then yellow. my friends also experienced these colors on the wall. then i was going to hand a lighter to some1 when all of a sudden i just froze. they took my lighter and left me ther. unable to move and not really careing some1 was gettin pissed at me for sitting like that and they punched me in the sholder and it was like a fuckin curse was lifted. while we were watching the movies. they really flyed by.willy wonka was like 30 mins long while freddy vs jason seemed like it was 3 hours. but getting back to when some1 turned on the fan. the cord was ticking and hitting the fan head. while the cold air was blowing down on u it seemed like it was raining inside the house. the clod air on ur arms was like water dropping and as the fan clicked it would sound like water dripping or hitting things. while this was happening i didnt just feel wet but sort of refreshed wich was very nice. then ther was a digital clock. i began to stare at it and the time literly was going by so fast (i recomened u do this). but if ther was anything i learned from this trip was to not smoke pot within a day before u trip because it will be hard to tell when u are tripping. and from wat every1 else was talking they were seeing some nice colors and they had done shrooms b4. and i had a pretty nice pile that i ate compared to the rest of them. (1 medium cap, 1 small cap, 1 huge steam and 2 medium size steams). im going to be doin shroms defintly next friday, and im going to be passin any cannabis because i wanna have a clean trip. other wise like the title its all just a gay fukin blur of visuals.

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