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Wavy new trip

This is the story of my first trip, which I can still remember so clearly.

This is the story of my first trip, which I can still remember so clearly. I had actually tried mushrooms once before(2 grams), and felt absolutly nothing.
This night, it was me and 4 other friends. I had obtained the shrooms from the same guy that gave it to me the first time. I wasn't expecting much from them. I only bought from him again because these shrooms looked different(obviously I didn't know much about mushrooms)

We each only had about 2 grams. I had browsed the shroomery before taking them, so after reading reports I assumed that it would take at least a half hour for the mushrooms to kick in. 10 minutes after taking them, I started to just feel giggly. We decided to take a few bong hits while we waited for the shrooms to kick in. I sat down and took only one hit. As I was waiting for the bong to get back to me I just happened to look at my arm. It looked orange, and also looked like it was far away from my body. The shrooms kicked in fast and furious, and it had only been about 20 minutes and one bong hit.

I wasn't expecting to feel anything so fast, and I did get scared. I stood up, and I felt a bit wobbly. The others were all experienced LSD users. It was the first time on shrooms for all of us. My friend and his girlfriend left the room. It was me and my other friend in the bedroom. We'll call her Sally for ID purposes.

SAlly was sititng on a big red chair just giggling. I walked over to where she was sitting. HEr shirt kept changing colors from a peach to pink to orange. I started laughing at her shirt, and I couldn't stop. I fell to the floor in front of her. We were both laughing so hard we couldn't talk. I began rocking back and forth, and each time I swayed, I thought I was going to fall off THE CLIFF OF KNOWLDEGE...to this day, my friends still laugh about the cliff, btw. And then there was the carpet.

While I was swaying, I looked at the carpet. It was a light beige color and very fluffy. I saw alot of brown patterns swirling in the carpet. As I watched,the swirls became faces of NAtive Americans, and their faces loomed up in the carpet,one by one...then they all dissolved together. This also scared me, because I felt I was sitting on the poor indians. I looked at the carpet ALOT that evening. In every room the same indians seemed to follow me. Me and Sally left the room and went to the living room, where the others were watching a movie.

At this point, my mind was racing. I had alot of problems and they were running into each other in my mind. I was trying so hard to make sense of my thoughts, but I couldn't direct them. Honestly, I think this made my trip less enjoyable, because I didn't lose myself in the trip. I tried too hard to keep my thoughts controlled. I also didn't roam freely around the house, which I now regret. Whereever sally went, I went.

Sally sat on the couch and I sat on the loveseat, where I pretty much stayed the rest of the trip. I immediately felt like I was sinking into the couch, and also tipping sideways, yet I wasn;t moving. There was a big green plant next to me, and it looked like it was breathing and reaching out to me.

FOr the rest of the trip, we sat and watched the movie. I can't remember what the movie was, only that the sound was distorted. It sounded like pressing down slightly on a tape, so the voice is fast and high pitched. Sounds were funny, but they also came through in waves. I can't quite describe this, only that the night seemed wavy to me....I don't know....

It was intersting even though I didn't do all the things I had planned to during the trip, such as play with the trip toys we had laid out, or take a walk outside(it had snowed that evening, and a walk would have been beautiful.) All in all it was a good experience.

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