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Warped Time & Faces

This was my first trip.

This was my first trip. My friend and I put together what we think amounted to 3 and a half grams each (probably less though). They were fairly well ground and put into capsules. I took mine with some capsules of ground ginger in case my stomach bothered me, and we both had quite a bit of chewable vitamin C's. Then we ate, and settled down to let them kick in. It took probably an hour or more for me to start feeling the effect. Since my friend is a slow reaction too, this seemed to work fairly well. Bits and pieces of the evening are a haze for me, (but how often can you totally recall a sober evening even?) but a few things really stuck out. We watched Pump Up The Volume once we both decided things were getting going. It was great 'cuz the room was cozy, I was lying in a comphy bed, and I was feeling really great. Her room has lots of glow-in-the dark stars, and some trippy mushroom-related posters in it. I never understood how the kelidascope-type posters could be so facinating until then. The symbold stood off the page, and had a wonderful glowing sheen to them. When I wasn't watching the movie, I was watching the walls. I kinda wish we had left the lights on too, because I really was cherishing the vivid colours in her room. (I also sometimes felt that I was holding my reactions back because I didn't want to look like a goof. Next time I think I will trip by myself and just explore my house.) The movie was really cool. Some of the lines stood out as having intense meaning, others seemed to be a total mockery of television itself. We also watched Better off Dead later (which I TOTALLY reccomend, since it's screwed up as it is). We played Tool after the movie, and I found my head going into its own world of geometric images and intense thought. I could lie perfectly still and pretend I was dead, letting all my energy go into exploring my brain. I quite liked going to the bathroom, because the light was bright and I could stare into the mirror. I had heard it was amusing, and interesting, but I wasn't expecting it to be so awesome. It was a split up mirror with the three doors, so my body was 'in pieces' as it is, but my arms looked kind of disjointed and too small for my body. My face seemed fairly normal, but not really me. It kind of changed shape in places if I stared too long. Normal things like small hairs seemed to stick out so much more. I was laughing at my own reflection, and at the whole experience. I could have stared at myself for hours. After the first movie, about 2 and a half hours after taking the capsules, my friend said we were probably coming down. Not so. We were ffeling pretty normal, but things still had an intense sheen and warped sense to them. If your trip buddy is an impatient channel-flicker by habit, let them controll the remote. She only stayed on a channel for a few seconds at a time, but it seemed like minutes to me. We were watching Jay Leno and when the commercial came on she switched to an episode of Twilight Zone. Neither of us is sure if the faces in the episode were supposed to be warping and changing shape, but we both saw it. (This same warping happened for many other programs, including Celine Dion in the Titanic video...heh heh)I drifted off into a still world of thought, contemplation, and images and came back to see that Jay had come back on. During the two minutes the commercials were on, we each could have sworn half an hour had gone by. The next hours had parts where little real time seemd like hours, and where lots of real time had essentially packed itself into a few minutes. I was really impressed with this warping of time.

We had a couple of ounces of alcohol in Pepsi later, which seemed to slightly intensify the mushrooms once again. We went for a hort walk to the neighbourhood playground, and watched the stars. There was frost outside, but it seemed to be fairly warm still. (It's probably a good idea to remind yourself to put on an extra layer if going out into the cold, since we hardly noticed the freezing temperatures and could have chilled ourselves too much.)

TV was a great thing while we were tripping out. So was the bathroom (my pupils were sooooo large!) and just about any mirror I came across. Next time I'll invest a little more attention in the mirror and the posters. I look forward to my next trip. Some people have really lazy days the next morning, but I seemed to be pretty well off. Mushrooms are surely the way to go. ( I might add some pot next time too!)

Happy Trippin'!

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