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warning-mild tripping

it was 3 o'clock on a saturday afternoon last spring when I first tried shrooms.

it was 3 o'clock on a saturday afternoon last spring when I first tried shrooms. two friends and I got hooked up at a dealer and got an ounce to split between the 3 of us. i took 1/8 and did it and about 10 minutes later took another. at fist I didn't seem to notice anything different but when i would look things would blur and as strange as it sounds colors seemed more colorful.
we went to a movie (the matrix) and it was the one where neo fights the agents in the rain. when i saw the rain i thought it was raining blood and then thought the screen had blood dripping down from the top of it. my brother and his friend were pretty much out of it during the movie so i left and took a bike and "rode" it a while till i ended up in a country road a ways out of town. when cars would pass by i wouldn't hear them pass until about 10 seconds after they were already gone and that was the weirdest part.
i ditched the bike and i ended up walking back into town because it seemed like a good idea. walking back into town i found a empty wine bottle on the side of the road and i think i got off in the neck of the bottle but i'm not sure can't really remember. the next thing i remember i was midnight and i was sitting in front of the movie theatre against the wall to say the least my first time on shrooms was my last but it was pretty fun to get that fcuked up

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