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warehouse bluez

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In england in the early 90's rave music was more a less outlawed it was illlegal to go too dance partys.One was organised it was like a secret society you would meet up at motorway service stations.Me and my mates joined the convoy to go to one we where all tripping on window panes (jelly acid) driving along the motorways of england it was total madness people pulling off on too the motorway down the wrong lanes police officers on top of the bridges relaying information to there hq's about the route of the convoy cars crashing all over the place.
We ended up in the hills and a fog rolled in you could not see your hand in front of your face so we pulled into a town and asked for directions and some drunk said he knew the location of the party and tried to climb in the car we spun off and left him sprawled out on the road.We rejoined the convoy at a diy store carpark the police where out in force we where parked at the bottom the car park looking up the hill a police officer was giving hand signals to get people off the carpark and he looked as if he was 20 feet tall as we looked up at him.We left and hit the road then we arrived at a warehouse hundreds of people running around on the road outside.The police where waiting chucking thuderflash grenades to try and panic the crowd people where fighting with them.We ran too the warehouse door the party was on the music was blarin the buildings alarms where blarin and flashin blue as a man on a ladder was knockin shite out of the box with a lump hammer trying to disarm the alarm.We had made to revenge 6 as the venue was called we waited our turn and climbed the pallet propped against the loading bay into the warehouse 2 nasty looking rottweilers greeted us with the doormen.We almost panicked and backed out and one of the doormen said if your coming in get in if not pissoff we looked behind us the queue was massive we where peaking we could not lose face and back out now so we paid our money and got in.The music was load and coloured kaleidascope disco equipment was covering the walls in blobs of colour like lava lamps.We climbed some metal framework and got a birds eye view of the action the whistles were blowin the dj was glowin it was beautiful.Then the mood turned sour people where lighting fires and looting the place.We got off the framework and just as we got off it collasped.People where driving the fork trucks round like maniacs and setting off fire extinquisers.This was bad we where all feeling paraniod and it was getting hard to breath with all the smoke and fumes.So we went to leave and was greeted with locked doors and told you can not leave the place is surrounded by police.The rumour spread fast people where freaking trying to fight there way out.We went to the back of the place past the looters and the totally smashed people.Someone came up to my face and shouted its crazy ain,t it then skated off on rollerboots a junkie was in the corner jacking up and people where slipping in paint that had been spilled over on to the floor one guy was totally matted in it his hair stuck to his clothes like glue.So we found a window our moods where suddenly lifted i went first and climbed on to the ledge to escape back too reality but it was no good the window overlooked a river we where screwed.The place was now in chaos people pouring turps on the floor and lighting it people takeing all the loose change from the vending machines and making free phone calls on the warehouse phones it was like being in a lunatic asylum some people did not care and where still danceing tearing there clothes off there backs like the hulk to cool down.We made our way back too the way in and where then let out and told you take your risks with the police so we ran back to our car and escaped the police people where on the roof chucking tiles at the police.We found our car with a shaking junkie in it who had no clothes on he had smashed our window and climbed in and was chillin in our motor so we tossed him out on to the street got in our car and left.As we drove away i saw the despair on the polices faces they where sat in there van with there heads in there hands dressed in full riot gear almost crying while some of them where totally stripping a car down lookin for drugs the seats and interior where scattered all over the road.This was the craziest day of my life i have never witnessed such madness since even the goverment gave up then and the music was allowed to be played in night clubs and the illegal rave dayz ended.

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