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Walk walk walk walk

My friend and I recently decided it was time to go to "the other side" as we describe it when we want to do shrooms.

My friend and I recently decided it was time to go to "the other side" as we describe it when we want to do shrooms. We don't go too often, maybe 4-5 times a year. That seems to be plenty for both of us.

As usual, we both experienced some pre-trip anxiety. I think this is normal-when you prepare to travel some place as foreign as a shroom trip, anxiety is one of the emotions that seems to be normal. I think this is good because it allows you to be more respectful of the power of the shroom and to appreciate the experience that much more.

We ingested via tea extraction. I had 2 grams, my freind (who is bigger than me) 3 grams. Within 15 minutes we began to feel the power of the shrooms. It was much more intense than our last trip, we think because we added vit C to the water which may have prevented psilium breakdown. Anyway, in no time at all the world changed from the familiar to the shroom world. Colors became more intense, halo effects were noticed. My freind stated that the grass was waving and rippling for him. He was probably closer to a level 3 than me. I remember the whole experience clearly. Some of the highlights: looking at a leaf and seeing the lines in the leaf SO clearly! What an amazing, beautiful sight! Halo effects on the lights and heightened sounds. At one point my freind was talking about his military training at the gulf, and I could almost feel myself transported to his training ground as he talked about his training. Sounds in the backround were almost like explossives going off.

My internal visions were of the usual kaleidescopic nature, with the addition of a hint of images forming- was that a mushroom coming out of the colors- yes! And there, I said to myself, eyes closed, thats a face appearing. The closed eyed visuals were subtle and went away if looked at directly with the minds eye.

On an emotional level, it was familar territory. I saw my relationships with my wife and two childern, I saw how I need to be more loving and patient with them. For me, I seem to always see that I need to do better, be better, than I am. It refocuses my soul as to the important things in life. This is the true blessing of the sacred mushroom, that it reminds you what is important in life. And for me that message is simple. It is to give as much love and strive to be your best in your relationships with those you love and even those you don't.

After the trip my freind and I talked about many things, in particular I lamented the unfairness of laws which outlaw something so beneficial to take- something so HOLY. We can be cast into jail for growing and taking the mushroom. We can have our belongings taken away, our families taken from us, our professions taken away. How grossly unfair and EVIL this is to me! And so we must be private, quiet, hiding our liberation and sharing it with only those we trust, forced to live with a certain level of paranoria which comes with the territory. Very sad, but at least we are blessed to have found the experience and to share it with those that have the open-mindedness to hear it. Thanks for listening to my tale and
happy shrooming to my fellow injestors of the sacred mushroom.
Mike Wasson

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