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15 minutes


Well...I, Frank, got the hook up. (after about a year or less of 'preparing' for shrooms, I knew I was going to take it as soon as i can get it.) I let my friends know.

The plans were for Dante to come over after work with mucho movies and we would just smoke herb...and watch movies.
Ed calls me and tells me he has nothing to do and its a friday night and blah blah mall blah blah. I say I wont go to the mall tonight, and im just staying home....if you want you can sleep over too. He says, "wait a minutes, what about those shrooms??" So I decide to call and ask to pick an 8th up. Ive seen mushrooms befoer and the person i was buying from was a friend. i met up with him and got home as quickly as possible because it was getting late and considering all my bad luck...i was not getting stopped by the fucking pigs of philly. I get home and my mom tells me she is coming home. i tell her to rent Madden 2004.

Alright guys, my mom is cmoing home in around 15 minutes...let's eat this shit up. We split 1 eigth fairly between us 3 who weigh like 110, 120, and 130. Now the moment we've been waiting for.......they tasted a little bit like sunflower seeds not very nasty at all unless you eat a great big handfull. washed it down with ice tea.
Now we begin watching BRAVEHEART. we watched the beginning of the movie and after 10-15mins we fast-forwarded it to the part around where they kill his love. I was noticing little brighter colors on the screen and the violence in the movie didnt freak me out. it was just like a dramatized feeling. like imaginating what it would be like. dante and ed were both on the same level as me and we all knew we were as well. we fast-forwarded to -

The mighty war scene. It was amazing. I just wanted to scream MEL GIBSON IS A GENIOUS. i was astonished by every detail of it from the 'they can not take our freedom' speech and just everything. ive never seen the whole movie, i only saw that war scene one time before in school sober. but this was marvelous. we decided we wont watch the whole movie, we are going to play madden after the war. my mom came home and i told them to chill in my room.

i talked to my mom, deffinetly feeling something, but i could manage. she started making me clean. like the glass tables and tv screen. i was doing that as she began calling my grandma who livse all the way in Israel. as they were talking i knew i was fucking tripping man. the glass looked so cool to look through after i made it spic-clean. i felt so cool to be tripping talking to my grandma with my mom standing right next to me laughing at the silly way i sound talkign a different language. i ran to my room to see what my friends have been doing for the last 20 minutes in my room probably tripping. i come in and just looked at them and started laughing my ass off. dante was wearing a vampire mask ment for my 4 year old nephew. and it was just the funniest looking thing on dante's head. ed was completely fucking fucked. Lets go i say, Madden Time.

Now, I dont know how to tell you, that probably because I washed the tv screen, the game quality and detail was extremely high. It was HUGE. dante and began playing as ed sat back and watched. (beware my mom is in the kitchen and can observe everything we do) This was THE most intense football game ever. I was doing things that ive never seen happen in the game. just plain fucking awesome and weird. dante eventually started whoopin my ass because i became confused as fuck as to what plays i was calling. i started at the gameplay clock and the number 29 took what i thought was 5 SECONDS before it dropped to 28. The grass started getting wavey. Pink floyd was playing on the radio and i thought i was gonna sink into the music but instead i was fucking laughing my dick off at the fact 'Hey You' was playing and i compared it to the players in the football game. We made a playlist on my computer and all the songs we put on were playing on the radio. that was cool to think about. then we wanted to call the radio. dante called and it started ringing. (meanwhile, ed was sitting on my couch and just chilling trippin staring at lightbulbs as they were shaking and he got up to touch them and i saw him and it looked like that part from the movie E.T. lmfao. you know with the aliens finger and all, it was great.) i kept thinking about how cool it would be if we made a shout-out to our best friend wade and he heard it. because people make shout-outs because they are somewhere just getting fucked up and i realized so much stuff about radio (i never listen to it) that it woudl just be so cool if somewhere else out there your friends could be tripping on a friday and they hear your voice on the radio. fucking cool man. dante starts talkign to someone and says he wants to get on the air but they cant right now so he just requests a song..."fade to black". we are going to wait until they play that song. as i was playing madden the rumbling controoler just felt so fucking awesome in my hands. and i was really hyperactive. i wanted to crank my amp all the way up and blaze my guitar. but it was like 1 or 2am and it felt like 2 in the afternoon. i guess it was because of football. i was thinking about alot of things. this was a brand new drug for me. i think im addicted. some of this shit could be out of order, i got really lazy after about 5 minutes of typing. i stared at myself in the mirror and that was cool. not for too long though. dante was more feeling and thinking what i was thinknig. eds trip was probably different. he is just a friend of mine but not my best friend as dante is. my mom couldnt suspect a thing...worst case scenario....we're drunk. one time i was fucking blazed high as hell with my mom right in front of my face questioning me "I SMELL SMOKE" and i told her it was a cigarette. =0

Well my trip started coming down about 30 mins sooner than theirs...but i had a very nice body high still kinda in my head too, but i was back to normal mostly. hmm im trying to think what else had happened. other shit to but im not going to tell ya *such as who said this and that and our conversations* just not important. i tripped again 2 weeks later with 2 other people but i didnt trip really. then the 3rd time was the next day with ed again. this trip was much better than the 1st....but then it went to a bad trip, but for the better. it helped me realize what i need to do to get in the right path. i havent jumped to that path yet though, im typing this because i skipped school today, by accident. seriously. fuck this report, i thought i was going to make it better but i dont care anymore.

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