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wake n shroom

It was my first trip in almost 6 months, and I was so happy to be eating mushrooms again that I couldn’t wait until noon.

It was my first trip in almost 6 months, and I was so happy to be eating mushrooms again that I couldn’t wait until noon. I got up around 10 something and went to breakfast with some friends. I ordered some orange juice from Waffle N Steak and ate my mushies at the table. I hadn’t even been awake for more than an hour before they were all swimming happily inside my stomach like koi in a pond.
it took forever for them to kick in, I only ate about 3 grams, maybe 4. either way, it wasn’t a whole eighth, so it wasn’t enough. I didn’t start trippin until about 2 hours later.
I was looking out the car window, and the clouds started skittering, like bad reception on a tv. then they all spread out to the side of my vision, and took over the entire sky. that was all until I got to my friends house. the feeling of confusion wasn’t as much as I expected, but it kept me silent for most of the time.
we went to my friends house for a while, and that was the point when I noticed that I was tripping pretty good. I found myself in the bathroom again. I don’t know how I always end up there when I’m halucionating, but I always do. the hair on the bathroom floor was curling and crawling across the tile. I noticed the plant in the entryway was rippling and waving at me. I stared at it for a long time until kolleen suggested that we smoke a bowl in the living room before we left.
and that we did. every time I hit the bowl, my visuals went crazy. I told kolleen this, and she packed me a one hittter. by the time we left, there were colorful patterns crawling all over the white room, and on my friends faces. we decided to go on a walk in the park.
we got there and I got lost. all the trees were waving and boiling and the colors were each standing out, like even the darkest brown stood out against the green and yellow of the leaves around it.
I walked through the woods like I had hundreds of time before. I felt blind, as if I knew where I was going but not were I was. I followed behind sam as he led the way to the spirit tree. I watched my feet as I went down the hill towards it and I noticed the bright, golden leaves on the darkened brown earth. I looked up and saw the tree. it was the only thing I could see, with its beautiful yellow leaves standing out amongst the other trees, which were still a rich green. I saw some people walk by and look at it, and I hoped they wouldn’t talk to me cuz my eyes were so dialated, but when sam began talking about the tree, they came back to listen to him. he told them about the face on it and how he had discovered it. I stared deep into the face of an old man with a beard that popped out of the trunk of the tree as if he was trying to come out of it. I stared into his eyes and he into mine. the feeling that came over me was so powerful that I had to look away. sam continued to talk, but I was unable to comprehend his words. he reminded me of a leprechaun in his green jacket and beanie. he held a stick in his hand that was almost as tall as him. sam pointed to the tree with his staff and patted the trunk with his free hand as he spoke.
I wanted to touch the tree, but the patterns of the bark began to flow down it like water. touching it would have been too much. I stood under its branches that spread over me like the fingers of a hand sprouting from the earth and felt an eerie calm come over me. I looked up and saw the gold of the leaves that seemed to give off a light of their own against the brilliant bright blue sky. I felt as if I could float through the leaves into the clouds if only the earth would let go of my feet. After a while, it was time to go. I looked into the man’s eyes again and the whole tree rippled, like it was boiling inside.
by the time we left the park, my trip was over and all that was left was my deflated balloon of a brain. I was completely retarded for the rest of the day.

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