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w/ parents home

I have been trying to get shrooms for quite a while, and i was glad when i finally recieved 1/8 oz of cubensis last night.

I have been trying to get shrooms for quite a while, and i was glad when i finally recieved 1/8 oz of cubensis last night. Me and my brother returned home from getting the shrooms at about 9 pm, anticipating the moment when are parent go to sleep so we can go into the basement and test them out.
I hadnt ever tripped before, though i am quite familiar weed. So we split the bag in half, and i swallowed them as if it were a Tylenol (with water). This is a good way to go b/c ya dont taste it at all. it was 12:40
I was expecting to start feeling it at like 1:40, but that didnt happen. At about 2:30, while i was laying on my couch hopin that i might feel something, I got up to turn on some Jay Leno when i had this rush of half drunkeness/heavy headedness.
I knew they were finally working so i sat down and stared at the fascinating movements on the wood grain on a closet door. It was then that i couldnt resist looking at my hand, and yes, it did start doin weird shit. It seemed liek just below my skin there was a wavy ocean.I saw the
blood under my skin swirling. Then the walls appeared to be may out of denim, and i pondered the thought of my parents stealing my jeans to wall paper the basement.
I then laid down on the floor, and proceeded to slowly seep into it. I continued to stare at thw wood grain. Then i heard a loud startling noise (the water heater) and I looked the clock. It was 5:30. Conan Obrian was on and i just didnt understand anything hewassaying. Somethin about Temptation Island and shit. My brother, who had no visuals was pissed and he decided to go to bed.
This left me with no choice but to do the same. I recall laying in bed, and i couldnt even tell the difference between open eyes and closed eyes. All i saw were flashes of color, and i knew there was no way i could sleep. I remeber laying with my head sinking into my pillow and saying "I just dont understand what these things are." I finally fell asleep at like 6 in the morning. I woke up at 8 45, feelin shitty, and my pupils were still the size of fuckin quarters.

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