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Visions with Cambo's

First time I ate Cambodians from the Hawk I was alone.

First time I ate Cambodians from the Hawk I was alone.
Ate about 2 oz of fresh Cambodians at about 7:30am and then at 7:55am I left the house to take my child to school. By the time I got to the school I was starting to feel this incredible buzz in my body. As I was driving home I started to notice that the headlights from the other cars were brighter then normal. The shrooms were kicking in and I new I had to get home soon!

Seems that ride lasted for a while but I pulled into the driveway and entered my house. By now I was feeling waves and waves of body rushes starting to hit me but there were now real visuals to speak of other then slight trails and some patterns with eyes closed.

After 2 hours I was peaking on the shrooms. No colors to speak of by then with eyes open but I was in a very semi consciences state and I was drifting off into another world. By then I really did not want to move and was lying in bed. I then found myself in a totally alien landscape best described as something out of the PC game halflife. In halflife is a place called id and I felt like I was in a world like that. My eyes were closed and it was like I was dreaming but I wasn't really sleeping.
The visions I had of that place were very beautiful and looked real. Stuff was moving around. I pictured landscapes right out of a scifi novel with colorful skys and mountains and other things but they were not of this earth.

Then something would distract me and I would open my eyes and be back in my room. Then I would close my eyes and be off in another world. I was going back and forth like that for about another 2 hours and then around the 5th hour I was coming off the shrooms.

Now let me tell you something those camblodians do for me. They are very strange in the way they keep your body buzzing. They hit me in waves and at times I would laugh at nothing but I did not really "trip" out and there were really no audio hallucinations. I have had other shrooms that were probally a mexican strain that would make you "trip" out and hear sounds and colors. Great with music too. The cambodians did not do that for me. But they will put you in a state of mind that will make you almost pass out and you will dream and have visions! A real body buzz shroom that will give you visions with eyes closed.
Next time I might try to eat 4 oz fresh but it might get scarry!

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