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Viola lee blues

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even though this trip was enduced by lsd,not psiclobyn i still feel it neccasery for me to write about my trip and this is the only forum i can find....

this past sat nite me and 2 of my freinds headed of to the beacon theatre to see Phil Lesh. for all u shroomers who dont know who phil lesh is(probably arent many...) he was the bassist from the grateful dead. me and my 2 buddies N and D all ingested our gell tabs while on the bus on the way to the city. each of us only had one hit. whilest on the bus all 3 of us felt our trips coming on and were pretty excited. When we arrived at the beacon theater, much to our dismay, there were no tickets to be found, the only people who were selling tickets were scalpers selling fake tickets for like 150$. while desperatly looking for tickets i bumped into my cousin who was also in my sitaution. we said watsup and wished each other good luck in finding tickets. around this time i realized i really wasnt tripping and i figured our acid was bunk. finnaly around 10 min after the show started a very nice fellow offerd me and my freind N tickets for face value which was awsome , but our freind D and our other freind "pudge"(whom we met looking for tickets) were stuck outside ticketless. though going in to a concert and leaving a freind stranded outside sounds bad we have created a whole system just in case this very event were to occure. we had decided that whoever was able to get tickets should go in. so off me and N went to the show. when we came in they were just starting the 2nd song whcih was a bitching tennesee jen. upon entering i immdiatly sparked up a phat bowl to loosen me up. we eventualy found our seats and enjoyed a pretty decent first set which included pretty good mountains of the moon. As the first set was ending i got a call from my cousin who i saw outside and he said he had gotten in, so i told him i had gotten in too so we decided to meet because it was intermission. i went downstairs to meet him and he was thoroughly tripping balls... he needed like help walking. so we were shooting the shit for a while, and than i told him how we had bunky acid and we wanted more, but we didnt have money. my cousin informed me that he was in a giving mood and offered to spot me and my freind for some liks (liquid) from this guy upstairs.. so upstairs we went. we met this guy with dread locks sitting next to a wall. my cousin asked him to provide the same services for me and N as he had done for my cousine. the man pulled out a bottle of visine and dropped some liquid on to me on my freinds hands and we liked the minty tasting liquid. as the nite progressed through a suprisingly much more trippy second set which included a pretty crazy set that went somethign like Viola Lee Blues>uncle johns band>viola lee blues>sugaree>viola lee blues>shakedown street> viola lee blues. in between every song they went back into that one phat riff in viola lee blues. i would say my trip became obviose around uncle johns band. as the show progressed and my trip got more and more intense (to a point were things i was seeing were melting into tie dye paint and in the screen behind the band i would see these shadows dancing)i got more and more worried about getting home. my peak came as we left the show. for ne one who was seen a show at the beacon u know when u leave straight from the theater? ye u exit onto a fire escape! not something u should do wen ur tripping. the nite ended with me somehow makind into a cab which somehow my freind D from the begging who didnt get into the show ,,, some how he was int he cab too,,, wen i got home i ran directly to my room and spent the rest of that nite convincing myself i was in my house....

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