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Village Trip

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Took 2grams of really good dried shrooms for the second time in the week. It was the 5th time i'd ever taken shrooms, my friend took them too, but his didn't work. I tripped alone, we went into a pool hall and i strted coming up as the colours of the balls burned themselves into my eyes. we went outside and my friend was bitter cuz his didn't work, i had other friends with me too, so they decided to buy some pot. There were police everywhere but i didn't care, i felt so happy, and so much like a part of this snowy busy little village, it was so beautiful, i swayed to my visions, and spent an hour smiling strangely as my friend bought pot. Then we took a bus, and went all around whistler, i found myself not wanting to smoke pot, but my friend smacking me in the stomach for bragging about the quality of my trip... oh well, i was too shroomed to feel pain.

i found myself in many different places, a shopping mall, a hotel lobby, outside a video store, a bus by myself, the road to my house, my bedroom. and all through it i heard music and saw slight swaying visuals. it was my best trip up till then

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